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Do you remember my posts about my Glyph Madness a year ago? If you do, you realise that it was a great accomplishment to me back then (thanks for sticking around this long, by the way!). 2 days of experiment, and the result was 2,000g profit on day 1, and nearly 4,000g profit on day 2, with a total of 500 glyphs posted. Why am I bring this back, you ask? Well, I want to show you how I have improved since then by constantly trying to improve all the process, time and quantity wise.

I use QA and KTQ for this (along with some other addon requirements for KTQ). Back in those Glyph Madness days, I didn't use KTQ because I was either too dumb or too lazy to even try it. It sounded horrifying having to config all those settings through the console and slash commands. That was mistake number one.

Mistake number two was not selling anything besides glyphs and Snowfall Inks. There are way more options to profit, like selling Vellums and Off-Hands, and they should not be overlooked. These allow me to raise my net profit by a few thousands.

So now, onto business! I know we're in an economy tension moment due to the "Cataclysm will arrive anytime now" state that we're living, but I still make a lot of money from glyphs, and I decided to make another Insane experiment from glyphs 1 year later and see where we stand.

 (Just ignore the green gems, they aren't involved in anything, they happened to be there while I was moving stuff to my guild bank)

The initial process is the same. Get herbs (I got suppliers now, which speeds up the process and lets me have lower ink costs), mill them, and ask KTQ for directions. After crafting everything above my threshold, and posting it all, it's just a matter of waiting.

I doubled the number of glyphs I posted. I dominated most of the market. Are you curious to know how well this pre-Cataclysm test worked? Stay tuned! If you liked it last year, I'm sure you'll love this...

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Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 29, 2010 1 opinions

This is a new series that I'm starting, to show you that it is possible to become a rich player while leveling,  by playing through levels 1-25 (the noob levels!), and therefore it's even easier to be rich at level 80.

I have created a Warrior for this purpose, and I'll just skip the initial area because there's really not much room for profit there. The place is just meant to get you to learn the basics, get to level 6, and start your journey.

This guide is about questing effectively, and using the Dungeon Tool to get mats, and XP (Heirlooms are optional, but they're a great help)

There are 3 main rules you should always keep in your mind from this point onwards:

  1. Always loot EVERYTHING in the mobs that you kill. You will need to vendor every grey item, and keep some white items with you to sell at the AH (meat, low level gems, etc.). The money you get from this will be your base money. This is the money you will always keep in your bags, no matter what, so you can acquire stuff that is necessary, so why not pick everything up?
  2. Get 2 Professions as soon as you can, but no need to stop your initial questing sprees. If you're questing, stay on it until you're done with all the quests from the city you're currently on. By level 10, I recommend you take those professions no matter what, but until then don't rush it.
  3. Be fast, be effective, and don't waste time. Time is money! This guide is about leveling fast and make money fast, so there's no other way for you to be than being fast!
I took Tailoring and Enchanting on my new character for this experiment, but Tailoring was more of a thing I've wanted to have for a long time, and I didn't find many ways to profit at such a low level (I'm expecting a lot from Bags in the future though!). Enchanting was the main money source, and I'll tell you how.

Get to level 15 as fast as you can. After this, you'll be able to join the LFG Tool while leveling and this is where the real game begins.

With Enchanting, I was able to disenchant everything and create hundreds of Dusts and Essences while doing instances. With all these mats, you can either sell them immediatly OR level up your Enchanting a bit, and sell some of those cool enchants everyone buys all the time (Beastslayer for red glow, +Damage for blue glow, you name it)

With Tailoring, profits are definitely lower in this stage, but you can still sell Linen/Woolen Shirts (people buy them very often actually, for their "fun" costumes). I have found that Woolen Bags actually sell very well too, specially on weekends, so you should try that on your server and see if it works!

After reaching the level 23-25 stage, my Professions were already at the 100+ level, and making money became even easier...

So, if you've come this far in the guide, what are you waiting for to make lots of gold on your new character? The noob status doesn't last forever, and you're just about to stop being one!

Interested in more episodes of this noob guide? Let me know!

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Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 27, 2010 8 opinions

This week, I came back to raiding. This is part of my Cataclysm preparation, because as you know, I came back to the game recently, so it's good for me to start reliving everything again. Since I returned, I've probably been spending more time handling all my stocks and gold than anything else, so I'm now trying something "new". (Raiding posts may be reborn!)

Diversifying has been the key to not becoming insane. I've been doing PvP (even though I'm a noob), raids, mount hunting (got my Albino Drake now), and my auctions are still selling at the same rate, which shows me that I probably shouldn't have been spending so much time looking at Auctioneers in Orgrimmar. Gold is my main passion, but I'm moderating my behaviour now.

I know Cataclysm is getting close, and sometimes it feels that time isn't enough because November 2nd is only a month and a half away, but why not relax a bit and prevent yourself from getting burned before it arrives?

In case you're going through the same, take my words for it, try new waters, they're still as refreshing as making gold like a mad man, even if you're too greedy like a certain person.

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Published by Blackwolf Friday, September 24, 2010 0 opinions

The Just My Two Copper Forums are the biggest source for free information on how to make gold in World of Warcraft. In there, you can find tips, strategies, techniques, for every market and for every case. Still, you might get confused when you first join, and stumble upon all those thousands of posts, which may not seem clear for you at first. This is a small guide explaining what to do if you want to become a successful auctioneer on your server, and how to use the Just My Two Copper Forums to do it. I will tell you how to use all the sections on the Forum in order to achieve great sucess in making WoW gold.

Index of the Forum

These are the main sections you will find useful for your journey to sucess:
  • General Discussions
  • Strategies
  • Link Love
  • Addons

First things first

Before you read anything, you must realise that every piece of information in there comes from all the users' knowledge on their own economies. You can find the most brilliant minds in there, but remember that you shouldn't take every piece of advice there blindly, mainly because every server is different. Population, Alliance/Horde Ratio, lots of factors come into play when it comes to the economy status, and you should always think for yourself and investigate your markets before actually doing anything recommended there, because what works for them is not 100% guaranteed to work for you. If you find that it actually works for you, then great, do it. But bear in mind that nothing is guaranteed. That is the first step in learning how to be successful using the Forums.

Learning and putting it to use

With that in mind, if you're new to the Gold Making Community and struggle to make gold at the moment, your first temptation might be posting on the "OMG I can't make Gold" board and ask for help, which is not the right thing to do. You see, to become a successful businessman, you must read a lot first. That is the first and main thing to do when you're there.
  • Read the Strategies Board to learn lots of strategies for gold making. That could be for the Auction House itself, Farming, taking advantage of Holidays (some of them can be really profittable), and learning how to use your Professions for maximum profit. There's always a recipe you have overlooked and perhaps you could profit with it. There's always some things about specific markets that you don't know!
  •  Learn what addons to use and how to configure them in the Addons Board; Addons take a great part in an Auctioneer's life, because time is money, and the more automated your routines are, the more money you will earn. This is a concept you should learn as soon as possible. You'll realise that addons are a must when it comes to making money.
  • Find out more sources of information through the Link Love section. This is where you'll find links to the JMTC members' websites, and you will be able to learn more by reading their blogs, as they often share knowledge in there that's not on the JMTC Forums.
  • Also, find some time in your busy schedule to roam around the General Discussion Forum. Introduce yourself, share your server's trends and interesting events. Share how you made your fortune in the Rags to Riches section, suggest something new (or report something that's wrong) to the Forum, and if you're having serious trouble with something, don't hesitate to ask in the OMG I Can't Make Gold section for advice. Just be sure to come back and help others too when your questions are answered!
After you've read all the information in there, it's time to actually put it to use. I mean, you won't make any gold while browsing some Forums, right? Don't be afraid to fail (it will happen sometimes, you can't help it), and put those techniques to practice. Start small, and then just broaden your horizons as soon as you get the money and the will to do it.

After JMTC, your perception is different

When you become a well informed person, and put yourself out there actually playing in the AH, experience will come to you naturally just like in anything else that you do. You won't become a successful auctioneer in 1 day, only over time you will develop your skill, and it's only up to you to achieve the state of Auction House Master. Try hard, and use every piece of information you get your hands on. Soon, you'll become a sucessful auctioneer, and you'll be able to think for yourself how to succeed on your server, thanks to the JMTC Forums.

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    Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 22, 2010 0 opinions

    Good ol' Moroes is right. Preparations must be made...for Cataclysm. That's right, I am late once again, and I've only recently started to prepare my bags for Cataclysm. But insane profits are on my wishlist for this year's early Christmas (November 2, so I've heard), so take a look at my current arrangements.

    Saronite Ore (and others)
    Been investing a lot in hundreds of stacks of Saronite and a few dozens of stacks of the rest of the ores. I'm currently sitting on nearly 200 stacks of Saronite and raising every day. Not so sure how I will handle them all at the expansion launch, but I'll find a way! I heard these things will get a surge of demand because of all the new Alchemists and Engineers (those greedy green new guys in the Horde) that will show up, so I didn't think twice and started stockpiling right away.
    Current investment: Close to 3,000 gold.

    Inscription Goods
    Inscription has been one of the best sources of income for me and even though it's still not certain how it will work in Cataclysm, I think it surely won't die. Therefore, I've been getting the cheapest herbs, and started building my Cata-labeled stocks of glyphs for all classes, vellums, inks, runescrolls, nearly everything that this Profession can provide! I'm still working on what to do with the leftover inks I will have after all this, as I haven't read a lot about them yet, but hopefully they won't become useless (pretty please, Blizzard?). In summary, I'm expecting a deja-vu of 3.2 all over again. Are you with me?

    What else are you hoarding for Cataclysm, and why are you certain that it will provide profit?

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    Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 20, 2010 2 opinions

    I've been hit with loads of information (and I really mean LOADS) about Cataclysm lately, which are said to influence the economies by then. There's a lot of speculation going on apparently, on subjects like:

    • Zul'Gurub is no longer a raid instance.
    • Glyphs will be needed only once (they will be like spells).
    • Some vendors that currently sell valuable items will disappear.
    • ...And there's a lot of other examples.
    I know the Beta is online at the moment, but how reliable is this kind of information this far away from the actual 4.0 release? How can people immediatly guess all the consequences of such events? I think it's good to speculate, because when people are brainstorming possibilites, some of them actually make sense, but I've been reading lots of non-sense like "Inscription will die" or "I won't be able to make money anymore due to these stupid changes, bla bla".

    Maybe I was unlucky on finding mostly this kind of quitters (I called them slackers a few months back) but it makes me be happy about it. Strange feeling, I know, but bear with me. People cannot be 100% right when they speculate and come to a conclusion. But if they find out that they were wrong, they can and WILL change their mind (especially in this game), and take a step on the opposite direction. So, all these quitters that I'm talking about will be there on the markets that they criticised themselves, it's just a matter of when. With their loser attitude, they will probably not take action towards leveling their professions right when Deathwing blows Azeroth up, which gives us - astute people - an immediate step ahead of these competitors. For how long? Until all the losers realise they were wrong and start climbing their way to the mountain top that we set foot in a few weeks (or months) back! So, think ahead of time and you'll make a blast on the beginning, but eventually, everyone will catch up, and the role you'll play will be exactly the same as it is right now. Why worry about it so much, if you'll be rich either way?

    Make your money now, while you're preparing to go ahead all those slackers. But remember, they'll be your competitors soon enough.

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    Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 15, 2010 0 opinions

    A whole week has gone by and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Last week I showed you that I had 13,939g 59s 22c, and after a whole week of work remembering how to look at the AH from a smart salesman's perspective, this is what I reached:

    That's right, my first week after returning was amazing. I spent lots of gold leveling Blacksmithing on my DK (still on BC levels at the moment), and I still managed to reach 24,000 gold (10,000 more than what I had one week ago!), and I'm tremendously happy with this. In detail, I've sold glyphs, runescrolls, gems, powders...and I flipped lots of goods like pets and item enhancement stuff (those two never let me down). My motivation really paid off, as this is a record for me. However, I know that it's possible to get a higher weekly average by using every profession in the perfect harmony, and I'm still working on gathering stuff to powerlevel a few extra professions.

    Yeah, Inscription is dead. It's a shame you can't make gold with it anymore...

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    Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 13, 2010 3 opinions

    This was a huge week.

    I made huge piles of gold.

    A huge amount of people came back to Too Greedy.

    A huge amount of people subscribed to my blog (some of them for a second time, I guess).

    So, you that haven't yet subscribed, perhaps you'd like to try it to. So here's a huge "Subscribe" link sign just for you! Will you join us like the others?

    Published by Blackwolf Saturday, September 11, 2010 0 opinions

    Bored late at night, with nothing else to do, and a friend that shares the same feeling. What a perfect environment for pointless (but amusing) events. Still worth posting. First, we dueled under Dalaran, in that open area near the Teleport thingy. Then we dueled again, but this time naked. A boxing match which I won! After a few minutes, Alliance players appeared and joined the laugh. I was surprised there was no fighting! Did a few duels, and eventually we *accidentally* attacked them, which caused...a little... fighting.

    Afterwards, we decided to go to Zul'Gurub. We killed every animal boss, just to remember the old times. No raptor or tiger for us, but killing Hakkar again after a long time feels amazing! The last time I killed him was 2 weeks before the release of TBC! He is no match against two people though, as he doesn't drain a lot of health.

    Then, we headed to Karazhan and hit the door with our noses when we realised that we didn't have the key. I did Karazhan back on my Thunderhorn Alliance days on my Warrior, so no key for me on the Shammy. My friend was also in the same situation, as he left his key-carrying toon on another server. I (as an Orc) was able to get through that hole to the side of the entrance, but my Tauren friend has extra difficulties in fitting there, so we actually ended up killing him and making him ressurect between the gate and the instance portal, which worked, so we both got inside and killed a few bosses there. No horse, though. But damn, I still had lots of fun with an old instance. Always loved that place! And I noticed for the first time that there's an organist in there next to the Opera Event. Now I know where the music comes from!

    Now, let's talk about the money! These runs actually let me acquire close to 500 gold because apparently some people find the Primal Tiger Leather and the ZG Coins/Bijous VERY valuable. That money plus the money from vendoring ZG epics that we didn't want for amusement purposes allowed me to make gold out of a night of boredom. Quite interesting how you can really make lots of gold so easily, huh?

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    Published by Blackwolf Friday, September 10, 2010 0 opinions

    If you've just arrived here from the link in my guest post at Just My Two Copper, Welcome to Too Greedy!

    I'm Blackwolf, and I've been a WoW player since Vanilla, so I am quite experienced in the game as I've been through every single trend on this game and tried nearly everything the game offers. You probably know me from the JMTC Forums too, as I'm an MVP there.

    This is a blog about my experiences in WoW and how to make gold while doing lots of things there. My goal is to show you all that it's possible to make gold at any level, and I show you how I do it, and therefore how you can get in a gold making mentality too. I also share my thoughts on the game from time to time.

    Too Greedy has been around for a year now and if you're into this kind of approach in WoW, this is definitely a good source of information for you. I was once a poor player too, but I've never stopped making gold since the light shined upon me when I found lots of websites like this one, so if you like what you see around here, make sure to subscribe to our free updates.

    Published by Blackwolf Thursday, September 9, 2010 0 opinions

     After a few days of endless AH investigations, I have found that many markets are based on dull principles (at least in my point of view). Lots of them have pseudo-barons that flood like maniacs and usually buy the items from whoever posts in their domain so they can be the only ones selling. Maybe they're not so pseudo in the end, because they should actually make gold from such a technique, but guess what I've been having fun with!

    The gem markets (both Rare and Epic ones), the Metals market (both Ores and Bars), even some aspects the Inscription Markets! I had a lot of fun posting stuff way over the cheapest price, and they all sold. They would either sell because Mr. Baron bought them, or because the cheapest ones sold and Mr. Baron wasn't paying attention, so mine sold afterwards. Either way I had 100% guaranteed sales at excellent prices, especially from 9 PM to 3 AM (it seems this is the absolute peak on my server every night). I guess I could call myself the King of the Night.

     I really shine at the AH at night!

    Remember to always search for the flaws in your server's markets!

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    Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 8, 2010 0 opinions

    Too Greedy seems to be missed by quite a few people (thank you loyal followers!), and I came back to WoW recently so I might aswell make this work again. Quick recap: I'm on the server Karazhan-EU, and I'm trying to prepare for Cataclysm, while gathering a few coins in the process. I've gone mad for gold again, and the AH has been my playground for a whole week. The glyph market doesn't seem as profittable anymore, and I'm ashamed to say that I only had Inscription and JC for a good while because my toons are now spread across a few European servers and right now (on Karazhan) I only got those 2. My goal is to have some more professions as quick as possible so I can expand to more markets, because Cataclysm is on its way. Yep, I've been a slacker! But I'm trying to correct it now, and this is how I'm standing:

    Surprised I'm this poor? I lost money during the server transfer. 20K was the limit and I brough the rest in item value. Some items were missing, I bought some vanity stuff just for fun, and some other lame stuff happened (and the GMs didn't fix it), and I was down to the 10K-ish level again. Not complaining, just looking forward to take a lesson out of this, and I have already made a few coins just from a couple of days of looking around the AH (still trying to raise my pace, so to speak). All the markets have changed a lot since the last time I played and I'm still trying to adapt.

    WoW is different and I'm feeling that Cataclysm will be huge, and I'm working hard on catching the same wave as the whole Gold Making Community. I've even been re-reading the whole JMTC Forums again just so I could remember lots of useful stuff I forgot!

    Now, it is just a matter of time.

    On another note, what do you think about the whole revamp around here? Need feedback on everything you see on this page!

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    Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 6, 2010 0 opinions