Out of the blue we have received news of a playable demo of WoW Classic in Blizzcon 2018. No one was expecting it and yet here it is. Is Classic much closer to launch than we thought? And how will it work? Certainly every player who was present during the Vanilla days is asking himself these questions. Vanilla brings lots of memories to our minds and while most of them are very pleasant, I am pretty sure they are just sugar-coated by nostalgic feelings, making them seem better than the real experiences we had at that time. Do you disagree? Here are my top 3 Vanilla experiences which were not as nice as you remember them to be.

#3 Heirlooms & Mounts

Leveling alts in a few days or weeks? In Vanilla that was a big no-no. It took you so long to level up that having a maximum level alt was an amazing accomplishment for the average player. Heirlooms weren't even close to being invented yet, so you had to go through all the low-level areas again without any XP boost. To top it all off you could only obtain your first mount at level 40, so you needed to play for 39 levels ON FOOT!

Do you need to turn in a quest at the other end of the Barrens? No problem, just walk there for 20 damn minutes!

#2 Looking For Group

WoW dungeon group fighting boss in Vanilla

Do you enjoy the current Dungeon Finder where you can get into dungeons by pressing a button and waiting a few minutes? In Vanilla you had to do the whole work yourself. You needed to spam trade chat for a long time looking for members to your group and hoping that by the time you found your last member, your first member didn't have to leave. Then, if everything worked out on this first phase you all had to move to the dungeon (sometimes in another continent, meaning you had to wait for a boat in Booty Bay or something similar) and take a minimum of another hour or so to clear it. Will WoW Classic eliminate Dungeon Finder? That would be fun to watch.

#1 Making Gold

Of course #1 would have to be about making gold!

When I played Vanilla I was far from good in the AH. In fact, I don't even know how someone could be so bad at it like I was. I took so many months to get enough gold to buy my first mount (60% speed at level 40) and even longer to get my first epic mount (the 100% speed horse for the Human Mage I was playing by then!). I was mostly farming cloths in Western Plaguelands and doing dungeons to get even more materials. Afterwards I would sell them at the AH along with other random items I came across with. Sometimes I would also sell enchants - through the Trade Window because tradeable enchant scrolls weren't invented yet!

Making gold was tough, and even something as simple as having a bank alt was hard. You could only send 1 item or stack per mail so it took a long time to transfer items around your characters, and to top it all off, mailboxes were rare! Major cities had very few mailboxes and they were far away from the AH which made you run around a lot. Do you own a guild bank in order to have extra storage in your bank alt? Yep, you didn't have that either in Vanilla.

WoW dungeon group in Vanilla

You've got to love this vintage gear but I wouldn't go back to Vanilla. Would you?

What were your best and worst experiences in Vanilla and how were you making gold? Share your memories below!

So you're trying new methods to make gold in WoW and you come across this interesting addon called TradeSkillMaster also know as just TSM. You read stories about how lots of people are getting millions of gold with it and you decide to try it out. In your first 10 minutes using it you become overwhelmed with all the configurations required to make it work, but do not fear, I present you the How to Use TSM4 series, starting with one of its most famous features: Sniper.

In this guide I will show how to set everything up in the most simple way. It only takes a few minutes, promise!

What is Sniper?

Sniper is a TSM module that scans the first and last pages of the AH searching for items which are priced below their market value, allowing you to buy them out immediatly or make a bid on the last minutes. Afterwards you can resell them at their actual market value and collect a great profit. Sounds amazing, right? Let me show you an easy way to get started using TSM Sniper, in just a few steps.

How to get started with Sniper

You need three things to make it work: the TSM4 addon, the TSM App Helper addon and the TSM Desktop App.

(1) Installing the addons should be a no-brainer for you. Simply download the TradeSkillMaster and the TradeSkillMaster_AppHelper addons from your usual addon database. Personally I use the Twitch app to search for these addons and keep them updated.

(2) Register for free on the TSM website and install the TSM Desktop App by downloading it there. (Official Website: https://www.tradeskillmaster.com). This app is where you will automatically obtain the market value of items for your server. It updates its database several times a day and then sends the information to your TSM addon through the TSM_AppHelper.

After following the previous step, make sure that everything is working correctly with your TSM Desktop App by seeing if your data is updated (orange rectangle below). If it shows you the current date you are ready to start Sniping! To do it, just open the AH and select the "Sniper" option on the TSM module window.

TradeSkillMaster (TSM) window guide

In the next menu you can choose to do a Buyout or Bid scan.

WoW TSM Buyout or Bid Options in the Auction House
  • The Buyout scan will search the first pages of the AH for items below market value and will show you their buyout price and the percentage of market value which that price represents. As it keeps finding items, it will put them in a list where you can see more details and buy them out with just 2 clicks.
  • The Bid scan will search the last pages of the AH for items below market value which are only a few minutes away from having their listing removed, so you can easily make a last-minute bid and win the auction.
Just choose one those options and start scanning the AH like a true goblin. Usually you can find more deals using the Buyout scan because it's continuously scanning the most recent postings so you have a high chance of being the one who sees a bargain first. Give it a try, but don't start trying to flip every item you see just because it's on the Sniper window. Make sure you're fully informed about market values before you pull the trigger - remember uninformed flipping is dangerous.

And that's it, you're now a fully licensed AH sniper!

TSM already has a scan criteria by default, that's why it's so easy to set up and start doing it. If you want to snipe by using your own criteria you can always change the string used for the search. This is for the more advanced users, but you can do it by opening the TSM options menu (type /tsm) and editing the Sniper Operations.

WoW TSM Sniper Advanced Configuration Guide Step by Step

If you found this post useful and want to learn more about how to use TSM4 the easy way, drop a comment and let me know!

This is part I of the new Finding New Markets series. In this series I will provide reports on several uncommon ways of making gold. Unusual items or methods of making gold will be documented here as I find them.

For this first episode I'm bringing you Shadoweave Masks.

Credit. Wowhead.com

What's so special about this headpiece item? I mean, it's just a bandana...

It's a requirement for one of the riddles that lead you to the Lucid Nightmare mount - a unique mount which many players desire. It's a reward for completing a series of riddles throughout Azeroth, and hundreds of players are trying to obtain it every week!

Credit. Wowhead.com

Shadoweave Masks can be crafted with Tailoring and you can learn this craft from a recipe that drops in northern Searing Gorge from the Dark Iron Steamsmiths - [Pattern: Shadoweave Mask]. The drop rate is around 0.4% and you should be able to get it by farming the dwarves for around 30 minutes depending on your luck.

Credit. Wowhead.com

The materials needed to craft the mask are the following:
  • 2x [Bolt of Mageweave]
  • 8x [Shadow Silk]
  • 2x [Heavy Silken Thread]
You now have two options. Choose the cheapest one for you:

(1) Gather the materials yourself by farming the dwarves and spiders of Searing Gorge that drop the Mageweave Cloth and the Spider Silk (with a low drop rate)

(2) Buy the materials directly on the AH and apply a chunky markup to obtain a high profit

Depending on your server's economy you can now choose one of these options and see the gold coming in.You will be surprised by the demand that exists for this item. It's not a fast-selling piece but you will be able to keep a steady source of income from them, even if you can only sell 4-5 a week. I have seen other players obtain profits of over 7,500 gold per mask which is a nice addition to any goblin's portfolio, specially if the materials are available at the AH for low prices and the low effort it requires once you already have the pattern.

Try it out on your server and see how it goes. Is there any other unusual item that you usually craft to make such a profit? Share it with us below!
There are dozens of ways to make gold in WoW, but it's just as important to know how not to lose it. If you're making mistakes that cost you thousands every week, you will never fulfill your potential to be rich, even if you're dominating the AH in your server. So here are the top 3 strategies that will make you lose gold. Pro tip: don't follow them.

Trying to control a market

Let's picture this scenario: you see a specific market where everyone made crazy undercuts and sank the prices below crafting costs. The market has been like that for weeks, you happen to have a load of gold in your bag and you think "You know what, I could buy all this and just post the items and reset this market by posting at any price I please". STOP RIGHT THERE!

This is one of the most dangerous things you could do with your shiny hard-earned gold coins. Some will say it's a high-risk/high-reward situation, but it's a trap. It's like shifting sands, where the more you move trying to get out, the more you get stuck in there (increasing your chance of dying, by the way).

If you want to continuously control a market you will need to buy every single item day after day. You might be able to earn some gold for a while, but eventually you won't be able to catch up with all the players who post items every day. This is specially true in high-population servers, where the goblin-to-normal-player ratio is 1 to 100,000. Over time, this procedure will become to heavy for you to handle and you will start losing money. Don't throw your gold coins in a bottomless pit.

Uninformed flipping

So we all have that friend who made millions flipping items on the AH, taking advantage of the poor blokes who wrote a few less zeros than they intended. That's actually a good method to become rich in this game, but it's not as easy as it seems. 

Some markets are being manipulated by some players to trick you into thinking they're worth more than they really are. You see, when you're scanning the AH prices, several people have posted items way more expensive than they should be just to make you record that price and consider it "market price". After a few AH scans, the more uninformed goblin could start thinking every price in his database is fair, and suddenly every single BFA BoE will seem like a bargain you can flip and triple your investment. Never forget: you need more than a few AH scans to consider your database reliable, and even after dozens of them you should always be careful and make sure you know what you're doing. For example, check out resources such as the Lazy Goldmaker's guide to flipping BFA materials or other resources you can find online!

Don't let yourself become that poor uninformed goblin who lost thousands trying to be a flipping master.

Not adapting to change

This is the most important point on the list. Like any economy, WoW's economy is dynamic and goes through continuous change. Market trends rise and fall, and a savvy goblin knows how to ride these waves without stress. If you're not able to adapt your strategies and create new ones you risk losing thousands of gold or earning less than optimal amounts of it. 

Even if Blizzard nerfs one of your gold-making methods you should always accept it as part of life and move on to finding new markets. This way you will save yourself the stress of losing a source of income, and at the same time you can look at it as a chance to go through the fun process of finding new markets to take advantage of! There's no point in becoming toxic about it. This is just a game and these challenges are part of it.

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? Let me know your worst AH mistake in the comments below!

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Welcome to a new chapter in Too Greedy!

After an hiatus of several years, I am back to the world of gold-making in WoW. Despite this absence in blogging, I have played every expansion during this period so I'm familiar with everything that has changed so far, and I'm excited to share knowledge with you once again.

Too Greedy will continue to be a place to share first-hand WoW gold-making experiences, but it is now much more. You will find a more diverse content than before, ranging from game tips, secrets, reviews of game features/addons and much more.

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...in fact, it was too good!

At first, I feared the worst. ZeroAuctions wouldn't work. QA+Fix wouldn't work. After spending over half an hour trying to sort it, I realised QA was working but had no item groups in it (ZA probably messed it up or something). The solution: building item groups all the way from the start and getting in the AH as fast as possible. And it all worked fine after that little obstacle!

I just regret not having as many glyphs as my server demands (the usual after-patch syndrome). The demand was overwhelming, I never thought there would be so many buyers. After roughly 1 hour and a half (right after lunch time, so not a peak time), I had already managed to get over 3,000g profit.

During the rest of the afternoon, and during the evening, the rest of my stock of glyphs was sold, and I'm now sitting on over 65,000 gold. Lots of glyphs were priced way over 100 gold, and even competitors messaged me trying to keep it that way (Hey Cheapglyphs!). We even discussed which glyphs were hot so we could craft more!

Now, onto other subjects! Still getting used to my Restoration Shaman again, as they changed a few spells and added new stuff. Healing Surge, the new Greater Healing Wave, and other spells still sound weird to me. Soon, I shall go do some instances and practice some rotations, as mana management seems harder now (so I heard from experienced players).
2/3/31 seemed like a good spec, so that's what I chose. Hopefully, the ideal Resto spec won't be too different from mine.

The whole UI changes are also pretty amazing, and it feels nice to have a fresh UI! (despite those nasty addon errors everywhere, huh...)

Overall, it was a great day for a WoW gamer!

How was your patch day, how did you adapt to it?

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It's nearly here.

Got high expectations for this. Will everything I worked for pay off?

Expect very interesting stuff soon!
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