Vanilla WoW Was Awful

Out of the blue we have received news of a playable demo of WoW Classic in Blizzcon 2018. No one was expecting it and yet here it is. Is Classic much closer to launch than we thought? And how will it work? Certainly every player who was present during the Vanilla days is asking himself these questions. Vanilla brings lots of memories to our minds and while most of them are very pleasant, I am pretty sure they are just sugar-coated by nostalgic feelings, making them seem better than the real experiences we had at that time. Do you disagree? Here are my top 3 Vanilla experiences which were not as nice as you remember them to be.

#3 Heirlooms & Mounts

Leveling alts in a few days or weeks? In Vanilla that was a big no-no. It took you so long to level up that having a maximum level alt was an amazing accomplishment for the average player. Heirlooms weren't even close to being invented yet, so you had to go through all the low-level areas again without any XP boost. To top it all off you could only obtain your first mount at level 40, so you needed to play for 39 levels ON FOOT!

Do you need to turn in a quest at the other end of the Barrens? No problem, just walk there for 20 damn minutes!

#2 Looking For Group

WoW dungeon group fighting boss in Vanilla

Do you enjoy the current Dungeon Finder where you can get into dungeons by pressing a button and waiting a few minutes? In Vanilla you had to do the whole work yourself. You needed to spam trade chat for a long time looking for members to your group and hoping that by the time you found your last member, your first member didn't have to leave. Then, if everything worked out on this first phase you all had to move to the dungeon (sometimes in another continent, meaning you had to wait for a boat in Booty Bay or something similar) and take a minimum of another hour or so to clear it. Will WoW Classic eliminate Dungeon Finder? That would be fun to watch.

#1 Making Gold

Of course #1 would have to be about making gold!

When I played Vanilla I was far from good in the AH. In fact, I don't even know how someone could be so bad at it like I was. I took so many months to get enough gold to buy my first mount (60% speed at level 40) and even longer to get my first epic mount (the 100% speed horse for the Human Mage I was playing by then!). I was mostly farming cloths in Western Plaguelands and doing dungeons to get even more materials. Afterwards I would sell them at the AH along with other random items I came across with. Sometimes I would also sell enchants - through the Trade Window because tradeable enchant scrolls weren't invented yet!

Making gold was tough, and even something as simple as having a bank alt was hard. You could only send 1 item or stack per mail so it took a long time to transfer items around your characters, and to top it all off, mailboxes were rare! Major cities had very few mailboxes and they were far away from the AH which made you run around a lot. Do you own a guild bank in order to have extra storage in your bank alt? Yep, you didn't have that either in Vanilla.

WoW dungeon group in Vanilla

You've got to love this vintage gear but I wouldn't go back to Vanilla. Would you?

What were your best and worst experiences in Vanilla and how were you making gold? Share your memories below!

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