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The glyph madness has begun.
Just like I mentioned 2 days ago, the goal is to have the best profit possible selling glyphs during a couple of days. This is the complete report of how I did the whole thing. It will be divided into days (Day 1 and Day 2).

  • Day One

I had roughly 650-700 inks stored in my bank, and started crafting glyphs, according to what QA Summary told me.
After this kind of long process, here are my bags:

That's every kind of glyph that sells over my threshold. And I was crazy enough to manage glyphs from all classes only on one toon!

After posting, the total number was:

532 glyph auctions, out the 3984 total, means 13,35% of all the glyph auctions are mine. It might not seem much (percentage wise), but these 13% are the ones 90+ % of people buy, because they are the cheapest almost all day.

At the end of Day One:
2,041 gold in one day is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the report of Day Two. You haven't seen anything yet. It gets even crazier.

Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 opinions

  1. Raddik Says:
  2. Can't wait for day 2!!! Yesterday I just start leveling my Inscription and ended with 100 auctions (and I'm not lvl 200 skill yet!!).

    Keep the good work! ;D

  3. Sarainy Says:
  4. Looking good!

    Really excited for day 2 too! I've yet to start in the glyph market so it'll be interesting to see how things turn out for you with this.

    Out of interest, how do you have your groups set up in QA?

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. +2000g in one day? Not bad at all! Nowadays my income from glyphs is only around 500g/day. Looking forward to see how day 2 went. :D

    /Codurersa, Nectarine and Juboal

  7. Geforce Says:
  8. heh seems like ur on a highly populated server with not that much of a competition(well thats what it is here)
    I got +/- same results on restocking day but because of my laziness(and the fact that Kev's addon doesn't work for me) my sales go to 1.5k /week the moment the good sellers are all sold out (which is after 2 days usually)


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