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After spending nearly 10,000 gold on some stuff (epic flying skill, and other minor spendings to enhance my gear and level Tailoring and Enchanting on my mage), I got down to 50k and kind of lost some motivation.
But now, I decided I want to go big on my server. Now that I know every glyph recipe, it's gonna be huge. And by huge, I mean having a huge presence in the glyph market, on nearly every glyph available. The goal? For now, getting over 100k is the short-term goal. A couple of days ago, I was sitting on 55k total in my bags, and I re-remembered that money makes money. And, of course, a lot of money makes a lot of money, so perhaps I'm not too far away from 100k, and even the gold cap, time wise.

This week, maybe tomorrow or the day after, I'll post about this experiment. I will be aiming for high daily profits, and considering I can make 1k by just dropping "a few" glyphs at the AH, I certainly can achieve a lot of more if I really focus on it.

The objectives will be: getting the lowest ink cost possible, selling the glyphs for the highest amount possible (I won't go goblin on this) through moderate undercutting and reposting in the afternoon/at night.

It will be a series of posts throughout two days, that will cover those 2 days of business, and I'll analyze what did, and what did not work, and I'll show how much money I made. You may be saying "that's only for hardcore AH players", but you're wrong. It's possible, if you're greedy enough. :)

Will I achieve what I want? Only time will tell...stick around and you'll see.

Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 14, 2009

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