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Too Greedy seems to be missed by quite a few people (thank you loyal followers!), and I came back to WoW recently so I might aswell make this work again. Quick recap: I'm on the server Karazhan-EU, and I'm trying to prepare for Cataclysm, while gathering a few coins in the process. I've gone mad for gold again, and the AH has been my playground for a whole week. The glyph market doesn't seem as profittable anymore, and I'm ashamed to say that I only had Inscription and JC for a good while because my toons are now spread across a few European servers and right now (on Karazhan) I only got those 2. My goal is to have some more professions as quick as possible so I can expand to more markets, because Cataclysm is on its way. Yep, I've been a slacker! But I'm trying to correct it now, and this is how I'm standing:

Surprised I'm this poor? I lost money during the server transfer. 20K was the limit and I brough the rest in item value. Some items were missing, I bought some vanity stuff just for fun, and some other lame stuff happened (and the GMs didn't fix it), and I was down to the 10K-ish level again. Not complaining, just looking forward to take a lesson out of this, and I have already made a few coins just from a couple of days of looking around the AH (still trying to raise my pace, so to speak). All the markets have changed a lot since the last time I played and I'm still trying to adapt.

WoW is different and I'm feeling that Cataclysm will be huge, and I'm working hard on catching the same wave as the whole Gold Making Community. I've even been re-reading the whole JMTC Forums again just so I could remember lots of useful stuff I forgot!

Now, it is just a matter of time.

On another note, what do you think about the whole revamp around here? Need feedback on everything you see on this page!

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Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 6, 2010

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