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If you're new to the gold making 'world' and only have low profits, don't quit. You're getting there. You see, I'm only a few months old as an AH player, and started just like that. Slow reselling every day items (cloth, enchanting mats...), buying and reselling glyphs (I don't recommend this, it's not effective), and I know the feeling. But after some time, that slow profit will turn into the seed money you will use to get even more money. Money makes money!

After getting some seed money (I made about 3k-4k gold), I leveled Inscription and later, I leveled Jewelcrafting. Those were the best choices I could ever take. Right now, I can make every single glyph in the game, and every day, I sell dozens of them (always for more than 10 gold each). But I also started small as a Scribe. You CAN'T get huge profits with just a few days into Inscription, because of all the 20-hour CD researches which will teach you new glyphs, and because of the time it takes to learn the market on your server. You need to be patient and you'll eventually get there; you'll be able to "feel" the market. With Inscription, I reached 20k gold for the first time ever, and did it feel good! JC followed and right now I make most of my income by selling popular gem cuts (both rare and epic). This required a lot of time obviously, to get most of the recipes people desire. After a few weeks/some months, money starts coming in, and when you start getting the hang of it, there's no way back, and you'll see your gold rise every day (considering you don't buy Mammoths on a daily basis).

My point with this post is, you always have to start small. Be patient, and do your best to learn the skills required to start making gold. I started reading money making blogs, and practiced the methods shown to find out what worked and what didn't on my server. Now I'm on 60k, and rising each day :)

Here's a list of the blogs and other websites that taught me most of what I know today, and also inspired me to always look for new ways of making gold, rather than not inovating:

-- Just My Two Copper Blog: This was the best place I could ever find. Markco shows a lot of gold making ways, that helped me building up my seed money to start doing business "on my own". His 20k Leveling Guide is also a very good source of information.

-- Just My Two Copper Forum: The biggest source of auctioneering information available on the internet. I'm currently an MVP there, and it's here where I get to know how other auctioneers think and it's here where we all share our experiences. It's a must-read for every auctioneer in the world. It's like the Magic Castle for magicians!

-- WoWenomics: This was more of a way of keeping me motivated. Reading thoughts of people experienced in real life business was a great inspiration, and they often bring on interesting posts.

-- Greedy Goblin: Even though I don't use Gevlon's methods, his blog is really interesting and lets you have a different look at WoW. He doesn't only show people how he makes his gold; he also explains why some people aren't as successful as others in the game.

Bottom line, you won't just 'sharpen' your skills out of thin air. You should learn from the best, and there are a lot more amazing blogs out there! Never underestimate others' knowledge, and never think you will start making crazy amounts of gold from day to night. That's no more than an illusion.

Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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