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I found the reason why zombies are always hungry for brains...and why that hunger is never gone. It's because there are a lot of brainless beings in this game (and I don't mean all the brainless creatures, like basilisks and raptors that never drop their brain for that damn quest).

The amount of stupidity is amazingly annoying. It's incredible how some people behave. Fortunately us auctioneers can take advantage of part of their ignorance, but that's not what I'm talking about right now.
Lack of brains tends to guide the (close-to-)no-brain to a few already existing stereotypes. Those are: Death Knights with names that contain any variation of "Dk", "Death" and "Knight"... -- Night Elves named after the LotR character Legolas (Légolas, Lègolas, Lególas, Legòlas, Légólas...I could go on all day) -- People in guilds like «grate nation of spartans», yes written exactly that way. 
Surprisingly (or not), every single person that I've ever met and that matches these stereotypes are either slackers, annoying or a combination of both.

On the "other side" of this issue, the game is getting easier (so says the majority, I believe). But the brainless aren't getting better; in fact, they may be even worse. I totally resignate to the fact that this kind of people exist, because I'm used to interacting with similar beings in the real world too; they're unavoidable. If they're hopeless beings, why ease the game? Or is it not aimed at people like this?

Now, to specific situations.

Beggers. I'm willing to say 0,1% of beggers have a tiny piece of brain, and that's because I once found one that wasn't totally hopeless. I taught him that meat and bird eggs from places where he could quest were very valuable at the AH and he actually took my advice and thanked me a few days later. Other than that case, they surely can't think by themselves, and actually may live in a world (imaginary one) where people actually care for each other.

Slackers. They are too lazy to play properly. They may have the skills in them, but it's just not worth it, because other people do their work for them, so why bother? Generally, they are also permanently skint, and probably fit in the first category on their alts.

They always say they "cannot" do something by themselves. I always tell them "try harder, quitting makes you a loser". And being a loser in a place where you start your 'journey' just like everyone, and have the same opportunities as everyone, is only due to YOUR behaviour. Do something for a living, just like you would in real life!

That's right, I digged all this begger and slacker people arguments just to say that we all have the same possibilities in this game, and if you can't do as much as other player, you're definitely not using your brain, therefore you're on your way to being brainless. Try harder (read, better), and you'll reach the goals you want. You can achieve anything in this game, if you put the due effort to it. This applies to everything; raiding, PvP, auctioneering. You will obviously never make it if you don't try. Play intelligently, and actually do something for yourself instead of being part of the group I mentioned above.

Published by Blackwolf Friday, August 28, 2009

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