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...in fact, it was too good!

At first, I feared the worst. ZeroAuctions wouldn't work. QA+Fix wouldn't work. After spending over half an hour trying to sort it, I realised QA was working but had no item groups in it (ZA probably messed it up or something). The solution: building item groups all the way from the start and getting in the AH as fast as possible. And it all worked fine after that little obstacle!

I just regret not having as many glyphs as my server demands (the usual after-patch syndrome). The demand was overwhelming, I never thought there would be so many buyers. After roughly 1 hour and a half (right after lunch time, so not a peak time), I had already managed to get over 3,000g profit.

During the rest of the afternoon, and during the evening, the rest of my stock of glyphs was sold, and I'm now sitting on over 65,000 gold. Lots of glyphs were priced way over 100 gold, and even competitors messaged me trying to keep it that way (Hey Cheapglyphs!). We even discussed which glyphs were hot so we could craft more!

Now, onto other subjects! Still getting used to my Restoration Shaman again, as they changed a few spells and added new stuff. Healing Surge, the new Greater Healing Wave, and other spells still sound weird to me. Soon, I shall go do some instances and practice some rotations, as mana management seems harder now (so I heard from experienced players).
2/3/31 seemed like a good spec, so that's what I chose. Hopefully, the ideal Resto spec won't be too different from mine.

The whole UI changes are also pretty amazing, and it feels nice to have a fresh UI! (despite those nasty addon errors everywhere, huh...)

Overall, it was a great day for a WoW gamer!

How was your patch day, how did you adapt to it?

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Published by Blackwolf Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 opinions

  1. MissMediocre Says:
  2. My patch day was good! It wasn't quite as good as yours sounds to have been, but I managed to make about 5k the first night with a pretty minimal glyph stockpile. I've doubled that now and am trying to focus on making just the high demand / high priced glyphs because I'm running out of inks, lol. I miss my addons, but other than that I've loved everything about 4.0.1! :)

  3. Shaft Says:
  4. Started patching in the morning 8 am. Error due to the size of the install which I only understood after reading later. Started again after freeing up HD at around 12 or so the installed patch took 3 hours to install which was fun.

    Then there was the tools download and stuff so I was still downloading. Then I got the available to play thing and tried to play that caused some error had to redownload the toold.

    Upshot of this is I was still downloading it at 7pm that evening and decided to download the whole thing before trying to enter the game again. So for me patch day was a complete nightmare.


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