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Do you remember my posts about my Glyph Madness a year ago? If you do, you realise that it was a great accomplishment to me back then (thanks for sticking around this long, by the way!). 2 days of experiment, and the result was 2,000g profit on day 1, and nearly 4,000g profit on day 2, with a total of 500 glyphs posted. Why am I bring this back, you ask? Well, I want to show you how I have improved since then by constantly trying to improve all the process, time and quantity wise.

I use QA and KTQ for this (along with some other addon requirements for KTQ). Back in those Glyph Madness days, I didn't use KTQ because I was either too dumb or too lazy to even try it. It sounded horrifying having to config all those settings through the console and slash commands. That was mistake number one.

Mistake number two was not selling anything besides glyphs and Snowfall Inks. There are way more options to profit, like selling Vellums and Off-Hands, and they should not be overlooked. These allow me to raise my net profit by a few thousands.

So now, onto business! I know we're in an economy tension moment due to the "Cataclysm will arrive anytime now" state that we're living, but I still make a lot of money from glyphs, and I decided to make another Insane experiment from glyphs 1 year later and see where we stand.

 (Just ignore the green gems, they aren't involved in anything, they happened to be there while I was moving stuff to my guild bank)

The initial process is the same. Get herbs (I got suppliers now, which speeds up the process and lets me have lower ink costs), mill them, and ask KTQ for directions. After crafting everything above my threshold, and posting it all, it's just a matter of waiting.

I doubled the number of glyphs I posted. I dominated most of the market. Are you curious to know how well this pre-Cataclysm test worked? Stay tuned! If you liked it last year, I'm sure you'll love this...

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Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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  2. Bad, bad Blackwolf for leaving us waiting like this! >: <


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