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I've been hit with loads of information (and I really mean LOADS) about Cataclysm lately, which are said to influence the economies by then. There's a lot of speculation going on apparently, on subjects like:

  • Zul'Gurub is no longer a raid instance.
  • Glyphs will be needed only once (they will be like spells).
  • Some vendors that currently sell valuable items will disappear.
  • ...And there's a lot of other examples.
I know the Beta is online at the moment, but how reliable is this kind of information this far away from the actual 4.0 release? How can people immediatly guess all the consequences of such events? I think it's good to speculate, because when people are brainstorming possibilites, some of them actually make sense, but I've been reading lots of non-sense like "Inscription will die" or "I won't be able to make money anymore due to these stupid changes, bla bla".

Maybe I was unlucky on finding mostly this kind of quitters (I called them slackers a few months back) but it makes me be happy about it. Strange feeling, I know, but bear with me. People cannot be 100% right when they speculate and come to a conclusion. But if they find out that they were wrong, they can and WILL change their mind (especially in this game), and take a step on the opposite direction. So, all these quitters that I'm talking about will be there on the markets that they criticised themselves, it's just a matter of when. With their loser attitude, they will probably not take action towards leveling their professions right when Deathwing blows Azeroth up, which gives us - astute people - an immediate step ahead of these competitors. For how long? Until all the losers realise they were wrong and start climbing their way to the mountain top that we set foot in a few weeks (or months) back! So, think ahead of time and you'll make a blast on the beginning, but eventually, everyone will catch up, and the role you'll play will be exactly the same as it is right now. Why worry about it so much, if you'll be rich either way?

Make your money now, while you're preparing to go ahead all those slackers. But remember, they'll be your competitors soon enough.

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Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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