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Time for more updates! This week, I've had some fun both in ToC and the AH. I found that resetting the prices for glyphs isn't risky because there are close to no goblins at all, and the ones who try to goblinize the market only show up every 5 days or so. Still, it's been kind of a slow income...but steady. I can now be sure to make around 1,000 gold each day if I do my work correctly and timely (craft, post, cancel, post), based on my competition's behaviour. This is definitely my favourite kind of PvP, and the most profittable too!

Raiding wise, no new gear for me, mainly because I haven't had much time to raid. Damn you, real life. The only raid I've done is a 'fun' ToC. By 'fun' I mean those raids when people decide to get together and wipe on every encounter 10 times before being successful...just for 'fun'. Still, it was better than sitting in Dalaran doing nothing. I find myself just running around there randomly...do you do this too?

I'm probably resuming raiding next Monday, so perhaps I'll get to see new stuff if I'm lucky!

Video 2G Updates have been short so far, and that's how I want them to be. For more detailed info, you just have to read the blog post :)

Published by Blackwolf Friday, November 6, 2009

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  1. Sarainy Says:
  2. Good luck with the glyph sales in 3.3 ;)


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