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We follow and "mymic" the ones who we think we have something in common with. Since childhood, we always have someone who we take as a role model. A family member, a friend...someone whose life seems perfect, hassle free. Someone who doesn't by any chance connect to a "bad" adjective, like "greedy" (did you see what I did there?) or "arrogant". It's usually someone who we connect to knowledge and we would just love if that person would give us advice all day, teaching us how to, well, become someone like him/her. But no one is perfect. Everyone, even those who look flawless, fails in some aspect of life. And when we realise that our "mentality master" - the one who we want to be like - is not perfect, it doesn't feel good. What do we do?

Boubouille from MMO-Champion is an example on how most people behave on these "take someone as a role model" situations. He shared his knowledge on several aspects of money making in WoW. I've talked about what I think of his reasons already, but let's deeply analyze the situation (this will be kind of a followup from my previous post about this). He "taught" people on how to make money using Enchanting, Inscription, and Jewelcrafting. His website is incredibly big, reader wise. Bigger than we can imagine. That would probably mean these ways of making gold would become obsolete (because everyone would do it), but they didn't. A large portion of the readers who would like to make tons of gold is filtered by one single fact: all the work these methods require in order to work properly and award large amounts of gold, which is what everyone wants. Those who used Boub's techniques along with a functioning brain might have found out beforehand it wouldn't work so well on their server. But! Just like Markco mentioned on his post a few days ago, some people kept buying Thorium, no matter the price, thinking they were making a wise decision. It was their role model, Boub, the one who knows a lot about economy he even made a few guides, who told them it worked, so it must always work, no matter what, right? I'm sure a lot of people did have this way of thinking, and that is my point. They followed someone they thought that had superior knowledge on something, and if he said it worked, it's because it works everywhere, anytime. Wrong way of thinking, but pretty obvious.

Bring more MMO-C guides! They don't actually teach people how to think. Those "guides" show people how Boub can make gold himself, not how they can make gold themselves. Read the guides deeply you'll find most people will find emptiness in it, because they won't even care reading it properly. They'll just copy their master's decisions. He, the wise one, will guide them to success. Or at least they think he will. Will they profit? Perhaps, and maybe it's a good profit for them, but if they search around the internet for more knowledge instead of just getting spoonfed by their gold making master for a short time, they probably wouldn't regret it. But hey, I'm not against making gold with the usual "casual" methods. I actually prospect Saronite now and then and hate to find only overpriced stacks in the AH.

Published by Blackwolf Friday, October 23, 2009

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