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Boubouille from MMO-Champion posted an Auction House Guide yesterday. There were lots of QQ replies to the topic I linked, stating he had just crashed every economy on every server in the world. There's also a topic at the JMTC Forums discussing it.

People will always QQ about everything, no exceptions, but I'm not discussing this now. What I found interesting in Boub's post was the fact that his intentions were based on "everyone should be able to do X, because only 0.1% of the WoW population uses these methods [or mods, or whatever]". Why would he use his website's popularity to spread info among "everyone"? Why is he also intending to give away an Inscription guide (like if I didn't have enough glyph undercutters already)? He must have some sort of "background" interest, by revealing this kind of methods most people don't even suspect about.

Still... there are ways for us old-school (who knew how to play the AH way before Boub's post) players who have already grown roots to the floors of the Orgrimmar/SW/(...) banks and Auction Houses. Think to yourselves, what will all those uneducated and gold hungry masses do? They'll surely buy the materials which the new "Gold Expert" Boubouille told them, and they'll face one out of two situation: either they'll find an empty market, because another MMO-C reader bought everything first, or they will arrive first, and buy everything, regardless of the prices. This means that they're lucky because they brainlessly bought lots of stacks of items which will give profit after all, or they'll fail miserably and will end up with even less money than they started  (they'll go angry, like some people did when they took Markco's advice on Icy Dragonscales). Nonetheless, all these miracle techniques to earn gold will only be well used by a few, so it's not as much of a big deal as some may think. We all know those methods don't work on every server.

But... no, I'm not against Boubouille! Good for him if he did it just to be a "good" website admin to his users.

Although I'm not against Boub, I'm far from concerned with it. Since I'm pretty sure the herb markets may dry (even if just for a few days) when the Inscription Guide is released, I actually took a look at my bank and found hundreds of inks. So, markets drying mean less supply of inks. Brainless MMO-C readers (there should be a lot of them who will go buy stuff right away) will just find inks for sale and buy them even for insane prices, which means lots of profits for me. A few weeks later, the dust will settle anyway, because I don't believe many people will actually like to use their (limited) precious playing time just to mill herbs and post glyphs, and I'll be back to my regular routine. Am I being to confident? Perhaps, but I've learnt that underestimating the brainless WoW masses is always the way to go. They always follow another person's way of thinking, and think they've found the golden eggs for life.

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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  1. Barrett Says:
  2. The problem with his guide is that either he has an alterior motive or he's just stupid. His methods DO NOT work en masse. There is a limited slice of pie, and if everyone is cutting themselves a piece then nobody actually makes much money.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Hmm, I hope you're right, Blackwolf. I'm personally quite worried even though Inscription is not my largest market anymore. On the other hand, like you, I really can't see most people being dedicated to earning money when it doesn't involve dailies or other "fun" activities. Hopefully they'll tire of it quickly. :P


  5. Geforce Says:
  6. so far his "guide" doesn't seem to affect my realm in any way, despite the fact that the materials he suggests double in demand, the stuff u get to sell didn't drop in price, nor in supply.

    I also noticed that since last week I have a farmer(bot) actively on my realm again(hurray) I bought over 7k in herbs in the last few days already hehe, was 'bout damn time cause if there ain't a (gold)farmer on my realm nobody farms herbs :(

  7. Hellreject Says:
  8. I'm not really worried that people will try to make money en masse. A lot of the players trying to follow the guide on MMO, will experience that they won't really make any money, as everyone else is trying to make money aswell. And as their items won't sell, they'll be scared that it keeps not selling, and give up.

    Also, cobalt ore and borean leather were the only two items slightly affected on my realm, and not by a lot either. What it does though, is give me a chance to snatch some cheap cobalt ore and borean leather for De fodder. So it's not all bad :)

  9. Raddik Says:
  10. Just having to level up (dis)enchanting/blacksmithing/jewelcrafting will keep away 90% of the MMO-C readers... I'm happy for being an Spanish reader, Spanish people are very bad at english and very lazy in general ;)

    I'm dominating the Glyph and the Enchanting mats markets in my server without even trying :D


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