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There we go, Too Greedy is now on Facebook at facebook.com/wowtoogreedy. It will be another way of sending updates to the followers of the blog, and it just requires a like.

at http://www.facebook.com/wowtoogreedy

By giving a like, all our updates will show directly on your facebook wall. This is a new step to be closer to the readers, so go on and take advantage of it!

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Published by Blackwolf Sunday, August 26, 2012 0 opinions

Hello friends!

Life's been very busy, haven't been able to post for over a year. A new expansion is around the corner and Too Greedy might become active again. Is it good news? I think so. New features, new adventures, new ideas to show you, new topics for you to read in here.

Picture from www.wowmonkguide.net

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

Stay tuned.
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Published by Blackwolf Thursday, August 23, 2012 1 opinions

WoW has changed and so have players

5 years ago when I started playing, the game wasn't like this. Far from it actually. I remember the days when PvP was implemented and I had to run to Ashenvale in order to be able to queue for WSG, and it actually took something like 3 hours (or more!) to call me into battle. I remember people actually listening to a self-proclaimed leader in Battlegrounds and winning because of his guidance. I remember having to travel cross-continent to reach the instance I was going to do with the 4 people who I took 1 hour and a half finding. Then I took another 2 hours to clear the instance. Everything took a looooong time. Was it better than modern WoW?

I call the current era (after BC, but mainly after WotLK) the Modern WoW.

Today, I can join a PvP match from anywhere with a low queue time. No one listens to each other there as it's just a contest on who has the highest Battlegrounds per hour (and therefore more Honor, even though there are better ways to get more honor). People farm it to get gear quickly and easily. I can join any instance (even a random one with an extra reward). I don't even have to know where the instance is, I just get teleported there. Again, people farm this like crazy because it's easy, free of hassle and they can get shiny epics with close to no effort.

With these apparently simple changes, the whole players' mentality changed too. I sense that there's not such a great spirit of accomplishment like there was back in 2005, and we didn't even have achievement points. Our achievements were actually rewarded with items that other people could see (and admire if they like) instead of some points that serve no purpose. I mean, you can still feel fulfilled even without showing others how many things you've done, because you've experienced them, and that's what should matter. Effort should be recognised, but why should it be as simple as a number?

Modern WoWfare changed players. It has its good points too obviously, but a great part of the whole game is gone for good now...

Do you think Cataclysm will let this continue to be like this, or will all those changes to the group experience of the game (including Guild XP and new PuG options) cause a good impact in the social atmosphere?

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Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, October 26, 2010 0 opinions

...in fact, it was too good!

At first, I feared the worst. ZeroAuctions wouldn't work. QA+Fix wouldn't work. After spending over half an hour trying to sort it, I realised QA was working but had no item groups in it (ZA probably messed it up or something). The solution: building item groups all the way from the start and getting in the AH as fast as possible. And it all worked fine after that little obstacle!

I just regret not having as many glyphs as my server demands (the usual after-patch syndrome). The demand was overwhelming, I never thought there would be so many buyers. After roughly 1 hour and a half (right after lunch time, so not a peak time), I had already managed to get over 3,000g profit.

During the rest of the afternoon, and during the evening, the rest of my stock of glyphs was sold, and I'm now sitting on over 65,000 gold. Lots of glyphs were priced way over 100 gold, and even competitors messaged me trying to keep it that way (Hey Cheapglyphs!). We even discussed which glyphs were hot so we could craft more!

Now, onto other subjects! Still getting used to my Restoration Shaman again, as they changed a few spells and added new stuff. Healing Surge, the new Greater Healing Wave, and other spells still sound weird to me. Soon, I shall go do some instances and practice some rotations, as mana management seems harder now (so I heard from experienced players).
2/3/31 seemed like a good spec, so that's what I chose. Hopefully, the ideal Resto spec won't be too different from mine.

The whole UI changes are also pretty amazing, and it feels nice to have a fresh UI! (despite those nasty addon errors everywhere, huh...)

Overall, it was a great day for a WoW gamer!

How was your patch day, how did you adapt to it?

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Published by Blackwolf Thursday, October 14, 2010 2 opinions

It's nearly here.

Got high expectations for this. Will everything I worked for pay off?

Expect very interesting stuff soon!

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, October 12, 2010 0 opinions

Recordings from a few friends on Ventrilo while they play WoW. How funnier can it get?

(video by Sefearion)

Are you like these guys too? :)

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Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, October 6, 2010 0 opinions

So, you have patiently waited for part II of my Glyph Insane series, eh?

Your wait was not in vain. So, as I promised, the results are here. First batch result:

4,000 gold was my initial profit. It got better...way better! You see, when you got all your competitors on your friends list (and apparently you're not on theirs), you can easily outsmart them, specially if they're just mindless creatures who only look at QA's "Post" button.

The second batch was just crazy. I didn't expect it to go the way it did.

So, what do you think of this great improvement over 1 year?

Also, did I mention I'm on a low population server now? (last year I was on Medium Population)

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Published by Blackwolf Monday, October 4, 2010 1 opinions