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I have now reached 350 gold, just by questing and selling stuff in the AH. I sold several items, like:

  • Netheweave Cloth - These things drop like crazy in Hellfire Peninsula. This place is filled with humanoids and if you also do Ramparts and Blood Furnace, you'll get tons! I've raised a lot of money just from this cloth.
  • Arcane Dust - Now this is where the instances played their part. With the new Disenchant (instead of Greed) option, I've managed to get quite a few of these, and do they sell well in here.
  • Meat (Buzzard and Ravager) - If you have quested in Hellfire before, you sure know the crazy amount of Ravagers and Buzzards you have to kill for some quests. I have gathered a lot of meat from both these kinds of beasts.
But leveling isn't just about the gold I earn. It's about enjoying the game as a whole, and I am really enjoying doing this all over again. I'm also learning how to play a DK, and I think I'm doing well, or maybe I'm just being fooled by the number of Alliance people I have beaten, or the number of instances where I have been first on the DPS charts. Each new level I acquire means I get new skills for my DK and it has been a real challenge to find the best skill rotations (I'm Blood, by the way). I'm still far from perfect, but I think I'm in a good way to success.

Besides mentioning my gold goals, I'll also try and acquire as many nice achievements as I can. Perhaps I'll even find new stuff that I have never noticed! Meanwhile, I will also get my 2 Professions leveled; really boring farming sessions incoming!

Anything I'm missing? Let me know below!

Published by Blackwolf Thursday, February 25, 2010 2 opinions

And so it began. On the first few days I couldn't do much besides questing a lot, to get money and XP. I haven't focused on professions yet, because I want to get to higher levels first. Being a DK has been an amazing experience, and I'm finding it a nice class to play (I used to dislike it, don't know why!).

Gold wise, I have currently got just above 100g. It's definitely not much, as I haven't tried to sold my 'white' items yet. I don't even know if I will be disappointed with the economy. No rush though, as I'm aiming to start small . When I get higher amounts of gold, I'll start making money big time. Just wait and see!

Have you got any tips on DKs you'd like to give to me? Comment below!

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, February 23, 2010 2 opinions

And off I went to a new server. RL doesn't allow me to raid as much anymore, and therefore the AH must be my main source of fun. A few friends migrated to Karazhan EU, and that's where I 'moved' too!

Now, I'm an Orc Death Knight (I also got a BE Paladin there, but it's only level 32) and as you may think, I'm starting from the bottom. No gold, no professions, nothing. How far will I able to play on some markets? Perhaps it's too early to think about that. Maybe I should level some professions first...but I won't be able to powerlevel them because I have no money. And I haven't even opened an AH window yet!

What does this mean? I will post about this new journey from now on, and perhaps 2G will be changed graphically too (that Orc over there is tired of being in the same place for a long time).

So, I have abandoned my previous characters (the Warrior, the Shaman...) for now, and started something new on a new server. Stay tuned if you're curious about my new journey, and give your feedback about specific things you'd like to read about!

Published by Blackwolf Monday, February 22, 2010 0 opinions