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This is a new series that I'm starting, to show you that it is possible to become a rich player while leveling,  by playing through levels 1-25 (the noob levels!), and therefore it's even easier to be rich at level 80.

I have created a Warrior for this purpose, and I'll just skip the initial area because there's really not much room for profit there. The place is just meant to get you to learn the basics, get to level 6, and start your journey.

This guide is about questing effectively, and using the Dungeon Tool to get mats, and XP (Heirlooms are optional, but they're a great help)

There are 3 main rules you should always keep in your mind from this point onwards:

  1. Always loot EVERYTHING in the mobs that you kill. You will need to vendor every grey item, and keep some white items with you to sell at the AH (meat, low level gems, etc.). The money you get from this will be your base money. This is the money you will always keep in your bags, no matter what, so you can acquire stuff that is necessary, so why not pick everything up?
  2. Get 2 Professions as soon as you can, but no need to stop your initial questing sprees. If you're questing, stay on it until you're done with all the quests from the city you're currently on. By level 10, I recommend you take those professions no matter what, but until then don't rush it.
  3. Be fast, be effective, and don't waste time. Time is money! This guide is about leveling fast and make money fast, so there's no other way for you to be than being fast!
I took Tailoring and Enchanting on my new character for this experiment, but Tailoring was more of a thing I've wanted to have for a long time, and I didn't find many ways to profit at such a low level (I'm expecting a lot from Bags in the future though!). Enchanting was the main money source, and I'll tell you how.

Get to level 15 as fast as you can. After this, you'll be able to join the LFG Tool while leveling and this is where the real game begins.

With Enchanting, I was able to disenchant everything and create hundreds of Dusts and Essences while doing instances. With all these mats, you can either sell them immediatly OR level up your Enchanting a bit, and sell some of those cool enchants everyone buys all the time (Beastslayer for red glow, +Damage for blue glow, you name it)

With Tailoring, profits are definitely lower in this stage, but you can still sell Linen/Woolen Shirts (people buy them very often actually, for their "fun" costumes). I have found that Woolen Bags actually sell very well too, specially on weekends, so you should try that on your server and see if it works!

After reaching the level 23-25 stage, my Professions were already at the 100+ level, and making money became even easier...

So, if you've come this far in the guide, what are you waiting for to make lots of gold on your new character? The noob status doesn't last forever, and you're just about to stop being one!

Interested in more episodes of this noob guide? Let me know!

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Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 27, 2010

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hmm looks like this could turn out to be a nice series both for new players and veterans.

  3. ziboo Says:
  4. I've always started with herbing or mining and skinning. Mining I've found makes the quickest $$ as copper/tin/bronze is always needed, but low level mats from skinning/herbing always sell too.

    Your right on the enchants and d/e does make $$.

    Good post.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Mining/Enchanting and Skinning/Herbalism are my two favorite combinations for leveling with gold in mind.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Another good idea is level your tailoring with the cloth dropped at low levels (alliance)like deadmines and stockades and then once you can make greens disenchant those which also adds to your gold

  9. MissMediocre Says:
  10. Great post :) I'm always so shocked to see how much low level trade mats and meat go for! It wasn't so easy making gold early out back in my day, lol.

  11. Blackwolf Says:
  12. In fact, it wasn't, MissMediocre. When I found out about it I was stunned too. Back in the day everything that was expensive was actually hard to farm. Right now, even the most simple items cost a lot. There's more money circulating because of the overall increase in quest gold income...I think that's the explanation for this.

  13. Whitewolf Says:
  14. Back in Vanilla, one didn't make gold at low levels. If they were lucky they made silver. I would buy all the Green Hills of Stranglethorn Vale pages for 5s and repost them for 25s. That was good money back then. Money was so tight back then, I recall discovering that if I posted my linen as singles rather than stacks, I could avoid the hefty AH fees of a few coppers.

    And yes, I walked barefoot in the snow between the bank and the ah, uphill both ways in addition to having to clean out the stall for the family's pet dinosaur.

  15. Blackwolf Says:
  16. Totally remember those days, when every piece of cloth was a few silver close to the all mighty epic mount which costed 1,000. :)


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