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I'm done with Zangarmarsh (no achievement, though!), and have now moved on to Nagrand. I probably won't complete Nagrand Slam either, but who knows. And now that we're talking about achievements, I would also like to complete PvP achievements. There's only one problem: I cannot find any alliance player! If I find a couple a week I'm lucky!

You may say, just go do a BG and problem solved. No, it's not that simple. Battlegrounds take ages to start (last night, I was on the queue to AV for over 2 hours!), and when it's time to go in, I usually have to log off. That's what happens when you go to a low population realm/battlegroup, so take this as a lesson. Always try and do some research on where you're re-rolling before you actually start leveling a new character. Don't be a fool like me.

Hey, but this post is not just shameless whining about how unaware I was. I will still pull my weight when it comes to achieving other stuff, even if PvP isn't that acessible. The Auction House has got nearly 20,000 items every day, which isn't bad at all, I think. That's where I'm aiming, besides doing some PvE action of course! And it has been working well so far, with low level mats, and random stuff that I get while questing.

However, I don't play much at the moment because RL doesn't allow, so these goals may take a good while to fulfill. But they will be fulfilled!

Published by Blackwolf Monday, March 8, 2010

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