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I have now reached 350 gold, just by questing and selling stuff in the AH. I sold several items, like:

  • Netheweave Cloth - These things drop like crazy in Hellfire Peninsula. This place is filled with humanoids and if you also do Ramparts and Blood Furnace, you'll get tons! I've raised a lot of money just from this cloth.
  • Arcane Dust - Now this is where the instances played their part. With the new Disenchant (instead of Greed) option, I've managed to get quite a few of these, and do they sell well in here.
  • Meat (Buzzard and Ravager) - If you have quested in Hellfire before, you sure know the crazy amount of Ravagers and Buzzards you have to kill for some quests. I have gathered a lot of meat from both these kinds of beasts.
But leveling isn't just about the gold I earn. It's about enjoying the game as a whole, and I am really enjoying doing this all over again. I'm also learning how to play a DK, and I think I'm doing well, or maybe I'm just being fooled by the number of Alliance people I have beaten, or the number of instances where I have been first on the DPS charts. Each new level I acquire means I get new skills for my DK and it has been a real challenge to find the best skill rotations (I'm Blood, by the way). I'm still far from perfect, but I think I'm in a good way to success.

Besides mentioning my gold goals, I'll also try and acquire as many nice achievements as I can. Perhaps I'll even find new stuff that I have never noticed! Meanwhile, I will also get my 2 Professions leveled; really boring farming sessions incoming!

Anything I'm missing? Let me know below!

Published by Blackwolf Thursday, February 25, 2010

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  1. Geforce Says:
  2. Hi, it's great to see you posting again.
    Which professions are you planning on leveling first?
    As for achievements outland has the rare mob hunting achievement.
    there is an addon named SilverDragon: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6606-SilverDragon.html
    It scans all targetable NPC's in your environment and when it matches a NPC in it's database it will make a target box + a sound to warn you :)

  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. I'm thinking of mining and something else. I'm still thinking about this as I'm not sure if I should get another gathering profession (like Herbalism, to go along with Mining) or if I should get a crafting profession.

    As for the addon, thank you very much, I will use it from now on :)


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