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For those who were wondering why the Shaman T10 took so long to make:

Dear Shamans,
First, let me start by apologizing for your Tier10 Preview's delay. We honestly forgot that the Shaman class existed until we were looking over our complete Preview Page here, and asked the Website designers why there was still a blank button.

Our bad.

However, because the Shaman community deserves a quick response, we have spent the last twelve minutes sketching up your armor set. I believe you will be as pleased as we are.

 PS: The squirrel with the mohawk needs to be fed hourly, or he will die. There is a quest to capture a new squirrel, take him to the Barbershop, and finally track down a Legendary Blacksmith who will undergo the dangerous and expensive procedure to replace your dead squirrel with a live one. Repercussions for not replacing your dead squirrel are still being worked out. Expect the worst.

There's also some sort of an election going on in Icecrown. (Erm, spoiler alert?)

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Finally we get some love too, and damn, does the Frost Witch set look nice! It's definitely the best looking set, don't you agree? :)

I can't wait to get my hands on it. This definitely deserves a whole blog post, since I'm a shammy.
Nah, not posting only to talk about a new Tier set.

Last night, I raided Ulduar 25, and was the first on the healing meters, with the lowest overhealing.

We downed Mimiron, G.Vezax, but no Yogg-Saron, due to some lack of DPS. This night was far from perfect, because lots of people couldn't show up for some reason, and we had to replace them with people who were worse geared and some even had to DPS in their off-spec, which is usually not as good as the main spec.

Nonetheless, raiding again was fun. I hadn't raided for nearly 2 weeks now, and really enjoyed it. It was more interesting than a farm run in ToC Normal anyway, where we just collect loot in each 5 minutes.

My favourite raid, however, is ToC 25 Heroic, which I haven't done in a lot of time...hopefully I will go there again soon! I like it because it feels like a challenge, unlike all the other places. This will change in 3.3 though.

What about you, what's your favourite raid and why? :)

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  • First of all, why you should do it
By subscribing, you make sure to keep updated on every blog/website you enjoy reading. When you subscribe, you are notified every time there is new content, which is very useful, specially if you read dozens of blogs daily/weekly. Instead of having to check them all individually, to find out if there's new stuff to read, you get the Internet to do it for you. Besides this, subscribing does not just benefit you; it also benefits the writer in a certain way (by benefitting the writer, you benefit too!).

You may subscribe via RSS or via Email. To subscribe via RSS and get updated every time there is new content on your "Favourite Websites" list, you will need to have some sort of RSS reader, which is a page that allows you to receive the updates. There are quite a few you can choose: Google or Yahoo are popular, but there are loads of them. And you can even use Firefox Live Bookmarks if you want to (I'll explain those further down this guide).

  • How do I subscribe?
Here's what you have to do, step by step:

1. Click the RSS button on the sidebar to the right.

2. By now, you should have this on your screen:

This is where you will choose which Reader you want to subscribe with.
As I said before, Google is the most popular, but it's absolutely fine if you prefer other one. On the picture you can see My Yahoo, Newsgator, My AOL (...), which are also pretty good, and you even have a lot more choices on the dropdown menu (the one with 'Choose your Reader' written on it).

By choosing your preferred reader on this page, you'd get linked to it, with Too Greedy now on your list. And you are done.

However, you may be wondering: Do I need to install any program to have a Reader? No, you haven't. For example, let's say if you wanted to use Google Reader. You just have to enter http://www.google.com/reader, and set up a Google Account if haven't already. That's why Google is popular. There's a lot of people with @gmail.com email accounts or similar, which eases the process.

Let's say you want to use Google Reader. Just go to http://www.google.com/reader, and set up a Google account if you haven't got one already. Then click the "Subscribe to RSS!" button on Too Greedy. On the page you get linked to (picture above) click "Google". This should take you to your Google Reader page, and Too Greedy should be on your Subscription lists. You are now subscribed and will be able to receive updates every time there's a new post.

For those who don't want/can't understand Google Reader (or other readers), there's another option: Firefox Live Bookmarks. To use these, you need to use the browser Mozilla Firefox (you can download it at www.mozilla.com). You might have heard of it before in places like WoW related forums, because it's often claimed to be a very safe browser if you use appropriate addons for it. I highly recommend Firefox, and Live Bookmarks is one of the reasons (even though other browsers probably have a similar option too).

If you've got Firefox, you just have to go to the page shown above, and click "View Feed XML". This will bring up a window with the blog's name on it, and asking for a place to put the "Live Bookmark". I put these on the top bar, but you're free to put it elsewhere; it's really up to you. Then, just confirm this step, and you'll have your Bookmark working! It looks like this:

When you click on it, you'll be shown the latest blogposts, and from now on, you'll just have to click this once every time you want to see if there's new stuff on the blog. You won't have to open all your subscribed blogs one by one anymore to see if there's new stuff. Live Bookmarks will help you ease and speed up the process.

  • This sounds a bit too complicated for me, is there an easier way of subscribing?
Yes, there is. If you find this RSS information too complicated, you may choose to Subscribe by Email, by clicking HERE

In here, everything is pretty much self explanatory. You just have to type your email address on the box, insert the security code shown, and click "Complete Subscription Request". After that, you'll be sent a confirmation email, which requires you to click a link provided in it. When you click it, your subscription is complete and you will get an email in your inbox every time there's new content on Too Greedy...and all the updates are free!
(Note: Some email inboxes may filter the email sent by Feedburner, so if you did all these steps correctly and you haven't received the confirmation email, check your Spam Folder and check if it's there. If it's not, just contact me and I'll add you manually as soon as possible.)

And that's it!

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question regarding the subscription process.

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Too Greedy has grown again this week, both in subscribers and unique (non-subscribed) visits. Since 2G started (August 17th) the numbers of subscribers has been increasing slowly and this week it hit an all time high of 215, which means people are enjoying the content, and I couldn't be more happy about it. However, I believe many people haven't subscribed yet because they don't know how to do it. Soon, I will publish a "How to subscribe" guide, if you may call it that, and I will add it to the already existing "Why to become a subscriber?". Not everyone has a clue on how to do this kind of stuff, and those are the people the guide will be aimed at.

These are the Feed Statistics for the last 7 days (since October 30-31):

As you can see, there's a slow raise in the number of subscriptions (the numbers on the left), and that's basically what happened on the weeks before too.

I am not posting the actual Analytics numbers (the number of visits, page views, etc.) because they're not accurate. This is due to the break I took from blogging a few weeks ago, and I went from 200+ average daily visits to around 100. This is number has been rising as time goes by, and I will not post any of those values until I feel they're accurate enough again.

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Time for more updates! This week, I've had some fun both in ToC and the AH. I found that resetting the prices for glyphs isn't risky because there are close to no goblins at all, and the ones who try to goblinize the market only show up every 5 days or so. Still, it's been kind of a slow income...but steady. I can now be sure to make around 1,000 gold each day if I do my work correctly and timely (craft, post, cancel, post), based on my competition's behaviour. This is definitely my favourite kind of PvP, and the most profittable too!

Raiding wise, no new gear for me, mainly because I haven't had much time to raid. Damn you, real life. The only raid I've done is a 'fun' ToC. By 'fun' I mean those raids when people decide to get together and wipe on every encounter 10 times before being successful...just for 'fun'. Still, it was better than sitting in Dalaran doing nothing. I find myself just running around there randomly...do you do this too?

I'm probably resuming raiding next Monday, so perhaps I'll get to see new stuff if I'm lucky!

Video 2G Updates have been short so far, and that's how I want them to be. For more detailed info, you just have to read the blog post :)

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Why are we neglected? We're just like any other class! We're not even OP at all... *rolls eyes*

I just hope I'm not disappointed...like I was with most of the other classes. I've got to say that the Warrior T10 is the most beautiful Warrior set I've seen in WotLK, and I'm now encouraged to faction change Blackwolf to the Horde too.

I'm just questioning myself about the Shaman set now. How will it look? How will I look when I'm casting heals on the MT who's tanking the Lich King? How will I look when I'm lying dead on a Battleground? (I will PvP on PvE gear, yes.)

Oh, you horrible question mark, get out of my way soon...pretty please?

So, what is/are your favourite Tier 10 Set(s) so far?

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This Wednesday, Super Mario World (of Warcraft)!

2 of the best games of all time merged together. How fun would it be? :)

I mean, there are already a few Nintendo references in Un'goro: Linken's Sword (Legend of Zelda), Empty Barrels from the Gorillas (Donkey Kong), and I vaguely remember some kind of reference to Mario's hat in Un'goro too!

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I'm not getting ready for 3.3 like I did with 3.2. I don't know why, I just don't have the will to do it. In 3.2 I stockpiled Titanium. I had it planned for like more than 1 month ahead. But in 3.3, I can't find anything which I find worth stockpiling. I could go and buy thousands of Borean Leather for the first Leather-Arctic Fur conversions but I'd get crazy and buy dozens of thousands of stacks, and I don't believe I'd be able to sell them all.

Because of this, I'm sticking to Inscription as my ever lasting boat, which never sinks. In every patch, there's been a glyph rush and 3.3 should be no exception. This time, I'm putting ALL of my efforts on glyphs and maybe I can get large amounts of gold.

How will I prepare for it then?

I will start rising my stock of inks and 1 week before the patch hits, I will craft every glyph available, giving special attention to the ones I know that will be most popular. I hope to be at the AH all night, not even lag will stop me (it didn't on 3.2, and believe me, posting/crafting 10 glyphs each 7 minutes is a bit awkward), so I better have enough glyphs on my mule. That way I won't have to go to my Scribe and craft more unless it really gets out of control.

Will this be enough? Maybe not, but I just don't feel like stockpiling a stuff to fill a whole Guild Bank again. Something tells me that it won't be necessary to stockpile stuff in order to make money this time. However, there should be more ways of making money without too much risk (= large investment).
What are you doing/will do to make money when 3.3 arrives?

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Too Greedy has reached a new milestone: 200 subscribers. I've been getting an average of 5 new viewers a day, which is a good rate, and I'm very happy about this. So, to 'celebrate' this new achievement, I decided to start 'Tweeting'.


Through Twitter, you can get the latest updates from the blog and myself very easily. It's definitely useful if you're looking for quick updates, rather than waiting for a reply to your comments. As I've said before, feedback is very important, and I'll do my best to stay in touch with my Followers from Twitter, just like what I've done to the blog commenters so far. Of course that I will try to Tweet often too!

So, start following me now! There's also a new tab in the top bar which links to my Twitter channel, and a new widget in the Side Bar which shows you my latest Tweets.

Also, to save up some space in the Side Bar, the Archive has now been merged with the Most Valuable Posts and they're both in the "Archive" page (link in the top bar).

That is all for this weekend. Hope you had a happy Halloween :)

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