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Why are we neglected? We're just like any other class! We're not even OP at all... *rolls eyes*

I just hope I'm not disappointed...like I was with most of the other classes. I've got to say that the Warrior T10 is the most beautiful Warrior set I've seen in WotLK, and I'm now encouraged to faction change Blackwolf to the Horde too.

I'm just questioning myself about the Shaman set now. How will it look? How will I look when I'm casting heals on the MT who's tanking the Lich King? How will I look when I'm lying dead on a Battleground? (I will PvP on PvE gear, yes.)

Oh, you horrible question mark, get out of my way soon...pretty please?

So, what is/are your favourite Tier 10 Set(s) so far?

Published by Blackwolf Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 opinions

  1. Metatron Says:
  2. Warlock T10 is so amazing. I love to see my lock to wear this ^^

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Warlock wtf, warrior is not beautyfull, really, priest, need more thing, LOLIPOP, wannna do something with me to night? shaman, then i know what he look, i just go search it, NOOBLET, warlock is the ebst, and your litle shamy suck ass, then, donT' be sad, i just have nothing tio do before go souper, bb

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. <3 priest is the best, and the most powerfull perso in wow,(in discipline) you heal yourself and you got a shield, +a bonus heal + reduce doamge taken, THEN priest , withh good gear and with a good control of your priest( sugesse night elf priest, [ they got a special bonus spell, only night elf priest] BUT THERRE T10 IS HORRIBLE??? THIS ISN,t A LIGHT OR HOLY GEAR WTF !!! need holy wings, or stuff like that, :P bb

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. omg...hunter T10 head looks like a roof xDalso the shoulders look like t7

  9. Blackwolf Says:
  10. @First Anonymous (the one with "warlock wtf..."):

    If you weren't such a retard you'd look at the the date of the post, and refrain from such comments.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. warrior t10 is the best!!!!


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