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Recently, a new donation option was opened at the JMTC Forums. With it, some stuff changed, some say for worse, some say it's for the greater good. Who is right?

As we all know, a website doesn't run itself, and out of empty pockets. It requires investment, not just time investment; JMTC required money investment too, and if we all like to read stuff there for free, we should be aware that someone was in the background making it possible. That was Markco. His blog reader numbers are big, and the Forums are growing each day. In order to keep the website alive, money is needed. Of course that it won't become mandatory to donate. Not all of us are able to donate, not all of us are willing to donate. But some people are starting to say they're upset by seeing some functionalities being used only by Premium members. They feel like it's their right to use everything. Now tell me, how many places like JMTC can you find in the whole Web? Where else can you find the most brilliant auctioneering minds, who constantly share their thoughts and bathe you in knowledge?

Every single WoW related website you know gets donations to stay alive. When you go to any big WoW website, someone is donating so you're able to know how the latest Armor Tiers look like, and how the latest PTR is working for testers. Someone is donating so you're able to learn the tactics for the latest bosses. Someone is donating so you're able to get the latest analysis on your class. Why would it be different for JMTC? If it gets to a point where many thousands of members pass by during the day, someone must be willing to keep it alive, other than Markco. It's changed from a 1 person project, to something made by an entire community. You can't donate? No one said you must, but if you can't, contribute by being a good member. Help others, be part of the Forums positively, and help the Admins run the place. It's not easy to run such a big house.

Why so much drama? It's part of the evolution process of a website. If it gets big, you can't expect the costs to be covered by just one person. Think for a moment on everything Markco has done to provide you the best gold making website around. And be thankful for it.

Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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  1. Gasp Says:
  2. I hope you know I wasn't trolling. I was purely pointing out the ignorance in your post. That was a completely unwarranted deletion of my comment.

    Regardless, good luck. Next time try to do some research before posting something like this.

  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. Since you keep arguing, I'll tell you; I've researched before posting this, and the conclusion was exactly what I posted.

    Yes, I've got a source for the information, so you have no point in saying there's ignorance in the post.

  5. Mend Says:
  6. I appreciate Markco running his blog and the forums, I really do. I'm also planning on becoming a premium member sometime soon. The only problem I have is that he's paying way to much for his hosting. If you look at how many hits each of the threads is getting it's quite easy to see how much traffic the forums are getting. And for this he's paying 89.99 a month? Anyone involved in website administration can tell you that this is waaaaay to expensive.


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