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There is challenge in ToC after all. After clearing ToC 25 Normal in less than an hour, and one-shotting Onyxia 25, we tried ToC 25 Heroic, and didn't even get past Northrend Beasts. The DPS wasn't enough for it, even though most people were above 4-5k. Apparently every DPS need 6k+, which is an amazing amount. Nothing too worrying, though, because we got ToC 10 Heroic on 4/5, which just means that we need to gear up some DPS a bit more.

I enjoyed this raiding day very much, and I was the second on healing, and again, one of lowest overhealers. First place was for a Holy Paladin who was doing 4,700 HPS, while I was doing "just" 4,000 HPS. Soon, I'll go to a hard mode again, and definitely have some more fun, because it was a great time, even with all the wipes.

Any thoughts you want you share on these Hard Modes? How are your guilds progressing there?

Published by Blackwolf Thursday, October 1, 2009

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