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2G is back, and I'm resuming what I started in August. Slight changes occured, nothing too big. They're due to the fact that sometimes I can't deliver the daily posts I commited to post, so it's better to have only a few posts a week (other than every day), than not having time to post any at all

I'm not comitting to daily posts anymore (if I did, there would be a risk of having to stop again sometime in the future, which isn't good). Instead, I will post in the same quantity as I brainstorm stuff. This may mean daily posts if I have lots of different ideas to share, or it may mean there will be only a few posts per week. It all depends. However, the post time will still be 6:00 AM GMT+0.

Since the quantity will lower, the actual content on the posts might get richer. By this, I mean I will probably explore some topics better than I did in the past. More detail, basically.

The rest of 2G will probably be the same, the blog theme and content is pretty much what I intended to do in the first place. Thank you to those who stayed with me while I was away, and hope you keep enjoying 2G!

Published by Blackwolf Friday, October 16, 2009

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  1. Craig Trevor Says:
  2. Welcome back. We all missed you!!

  3. Sarainy Says:
  4. Indeed you were missed, welcome back to blogging!

  5. Belsebub Says:
  6. Welcome back


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