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Some of you may not be altoholics, but I believe a lot of people are. I've read this topic in the Official Forums, and started getting curious about my readers' toons. I'll talk about myself first.

I've got 17 toons (even though I don't play on all of them regularly) among 4 servers. 8 on Thunderhorn, 5 on Al'Akir, 2 on Grim Batol, and 2 more on Trollbane These last 4 are the ones I have just to keep in touch with friends on other servers; I don't actually play there often and the toons aren't very high level either.

On Thunderhorn, I've got a level 70 Mage, a level 80 Warrior, a level 80 Shaman, a level 14 Warlock and a few low levels for banking purposes. On Al'Akir, I've got a level 70 Hunter, a level 41 Rogue, a level 25 Druid, a few low levels too. The other 4 toons on Grim Batol and Trollbane are either level 1's or level 55 Death Knights.

I've heard a few people saying that being an Altoholic isn't good because you can't focus on your main and therefore you'll never be able to make it a good as possible. But is it? If you have the time for it, it's completely fine if you want to try every single class in the game. Having many alts doesn't necessarily mean you will neglect your main (I refer to "main" as the toon you do the most important stuff with, like raiding, achievements, etc.). In fact, it lets you free your mind so you can perform better when you're on your main. It frees you from the monotony of always using the same skills, the same techniques...

So, please comment: do you rather stick to 1-2 toons and tune them to the max, or do you have a lot of alts which you keep swapping around? How many toons do play in total? Let us know :)

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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  1. Metatron Says:
  2. I have 3 lvl80 toons and I am able to play all of them in PvE and PvP. It is great to know about other classes, so you know their positive and negative sides. I am playing 2 at the same time (active) cause it is hard to manage time if you want to play more toons.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I have a lvl80 warrior a 33 druid and a 20 hunter. The hunter and druid are now used as bank toons initially for their extra speed (travel form/aspect of the cheetah) for getting to and from AH/mailbox but now that you don't need to move to access the mailbox and AH in Stormwind they are not so effective. I've started levelling another hunter (first one was a Nelf...FAIL) who is currently lvl 16. I mostly use my warrior but the constant 5 man badge grind is getting a bit tedious so I decided to start levelling again. I find that if I play too many different toons I forget how to play my warrior properly which is not good when tanking

  5. Sarainy Says:
  6. I have 2 80's, a 75, and a 66 on one account. The other account has a 73, a 68 and a 65 yet is currently inactive.

    There is then also a plethora of alts from 1-60, and of course a tone of bankers too!

    Yet for me there is no raiding, instances or pvp at all (other than WG weekly quests and milling/prospecting/de'ing in battlegrounds). As such more 65+ alts is a good thing, as it means more professions - whereas for the 'normal' player more alts means the players time is spread across multiple characters which might give them substandard results to focusing on just one or two.

  7. On my US account i had 3 80s : warrior, warlock and DK. then 6 toons at 60 or above and a level 25 druid. :P

    On this account i have 2 80s: Hunter and DK, 2 60s and a bunch of lower level alts.

    Most of the 60s were leveled through Recruit-a-Friend though so that i could speed up the leveling up of my main. They now are either used to level up some professions to make gold or as AH toons.

    I guess i do have an alt problem :D
    --Deranged Hermit

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. I have 3x80's (Death Knight, my old main with whom I raided until 3.1, a Shammy that I just leveled to keep in touch with my friends and a Paladin who is the main toon that I play now), a 75 hunter, a 62 Rogue and 3*60 Druid, Priest and Lock sitting there for things like "OMG, in Cataclysm Priests are extremely overpowered!!"
    I leveled all of them except DK&Shammy throuht the Recruit a Friend program.
    I have a 70 lock in the opposite faction in another server, just leveled pre WOTLK for "seeing the other side".
    I have a 35 Mage and a level one Warrior (my banker).... One day I hope I get the "achievement" ONE OF EACH CLASS -in the same server and faction- (no, not the PVP achievement xDD) but having one toon of each class at level 80(85).

    Yes, I am Altoholic to the bone!!!

  10. Belsebub Says:
  11. Well, I got about 4 chars that I play regularly and 1 that I don't log on much on but still sometimes. I got a lot of playtime on all of them but 3 are still below level 10. So no, not really an altoholic unless you count banker alts.


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