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Too Greedy is an ever changing blog, and therefore, old posts may be lost among the other dozens of posts in the Archive. But some of the "old" posts aren't supposed to die. They contain a lot of useful information, and you (the readers) are the ones who can evaluate the quality of a post now. Don't let valuable posts die, they are worth reading still, even if they were posted over a month ago!

There is a new tab at the top (under the banner with the green guy) called "Most Valuable Posts", and that's where you will find these important posts. The list will be updated regularly, according to user feedback and my own opinion.

In order to let you choose which posts are considered the most valuable, a poll is now up, summarising the posts which I think that may have been of your interest, according to the page views, and the content itself. However, if you think a valuable post isn't listed there, you may e-mail me right away (check the Contact tab at the top).
Or you can just comment this post stating what was your favourite post on Too Greedy, and why? :)

Last minute update: There are a few posts already listed in the "MVP" tab at the top, check them out, but keep voting, your oppinion matters.

Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 28, 2009

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