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Some peeps from my guild decided to attempt that really nice way of killing Sartharion with 3 Drakes, using 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 8 DPS - the Zerg Tactic. The result:

Have you ever tried this way of killing Sartharion? Was it easy? :)

Now, 10 people in the guild have the title "Of the Nightfall". This is a great achievement, and we should rise in the guild ranking of our server (oddly, we only had Sarth+1 on farm). I hope this is somehow the motivation we need to keep pushing through Ulduar and eventually down Yogg-Saron (and do a few hard modes) before ICC. Or am I being too confident?

Now, a small gold tip you might find useful:

If you've recently started reselling stuff, I found that even though you should resell stuff that people use every day for their needs (Cloth, Enchanting mats, Ores, Metal Bars, Herbs...), you should not focus on the lowest level items. For example, Linen Cloth is no where near Wool Cloth in prices. Wool Cloth is usually more expensive, and Linen usually doesn't allow you good profit margins, thus not being worth reselling.
Also, the Enchanting trainers/vendors usually have a couple of Strange Dusts and/or Lesser Magic Essences selling for low prices (usually much lower than the AH price). You can resell those a lot more than what you bought them for.

Published by Blackwolf Saturday, September 5, 2009

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  1. Carbon Says:
  2. I did do the 3D zerg on OS10. It wasn't to bad. we got it after like 2 1/2 hours of wipes. The biggest pain was getting 2 good firewalls to where you dont have to really move and can keep dpsing. Oddly we killed him on a wipe w/ me (tank), healer and 2 dps dead. Was definitely nice esp after having him go immune at 30k hp >.>

    grats though! and i think you can do it. XT10 hardmode is really easy as well as in FL+2-3 (4 towers is kinda chaos).

  3. Geforce Says:
  4. Its pretty easy, altho you must have dps classes that can drop threat on MT (tricks of trade/Misdirection) and a feral that can taunt tenebron around 30-35% of sarths HP and sprint away or else he will oneshot the raid.

    useage of Haste pot is strongly recommended + shammy aswell :)

  5. vek Says:
  6. just did it this afternoon and it was quite fun but still somewhat challenging. we had some people from esteemed raiding guilds but also a few slackers from /2. Unfortunately due to having some slackers who didnt really try as hard as possible, we wiped for about one hour. I had flasks with me and offered to sell them at 25g, which basically is the price I also pay for them, but some dumbass dpser didnt think it was neccessary althought the shield always stopped us. Once these people quit the raid due to net getting the achievement "for free", it was easily in reach and after some 8% wipes we got it.

    I was the resto shaman who had to keep the raid up and enjoyed it very much, as there are still some challenges. Keeping the tank topped wasnt really hard (he had 48k hp), but after 2 fire wall and the fire elemental adds chasing & hitting me it was getting quite interesting keeping myself, the tank and dps alive, moving out of flame walls and dpsing in free time. As an engineer frost grenades helped a lot (I still carry them around since our lady vashj kill when i had to kite the striders).

    It was funny how little I had to heal sometimes and ended up with 400dps or about 50k damage, which may seem insgnificant but can decide over a whipe or kill.

  7. Petrovsk Says:
  8. Congratulations for the post and the blog, Blackwolf!
    I just followed a link here and all of sudden all the names sounded familiar ;)

  9. Gasp Says:
  10. Great blog. :) Linked you from mine.


  11. Blackwolf Says:
  12. Thanks Gasp, I was about to add you to my WoW websites list too! :)


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