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So, now I'm slowly getting more time to play and from now on, I'll start being part of the glyph market more often. I also got some gems crafted for this, but this is more of a bonus; it's not a market I can say I know deeply (for now).

Multiply the number of items on the picture by 2, and that's the amount I posted. 250-300 auctions up at a given time, which I kept cancelling-reposting during some time. Competitors often get bored of this and I stay on top for a few hours. Of course I prefer selling the glyphs that cost more than 10-20g, but anything above 4g (my threshold) is fine; after all, it's profit.

Glyphs are always selling, day or night. Every hour, glyphs sell, even at late night (except for maintenance days ^^); it's incredible.

Can't say the same about gems. I mean, I sell one or two during the day, but the real gem selling Christmas is at around 22.00-23.00 PM, the time when raids end and people hurry to the AH and gem themselves up.

So, what will I do to attempt getting a spot in the gem market wonders?

I'll prospect some leftover stacks from the 3.2 rush, which are still in my Guild Bank.

After that, I'll cut all the gems (both rare and epic) that I get, and list them with a cap of 2. Let's wait and see how that works.

By the time I'm writing this, everything's posted. Keep in mind this is just a partial selling day, as I didn't really get going full throttle as a salesman.

The final results? Check them out, in tomorrow's post!

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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  1. timejumper Says:
  2. Just for clarification, I wanted to check to make sure you are saying that 250-300 auctions is a partial selling day.
    For me, creating that many glyphs, checking current prices and posting them would take days.
    But seriously, I am curious how long you had to spend to create/post those and how you are able to store that many glyphs. I find my hands (and bags) full with the 20-30 glyphs I post.

    Anyway, I also wanted to compliment you on your blog. I read some of your guild blogs and find myself in a similar situation. I'm glad to read about someone who is an average player (minus the 250-300 glyph posts:)


  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. I have a post cap for glyphs at 3, meaning I always have 3 of each kind of glyph posted at a given time.

    What you need to make so many glyphs? It took me a while to get all glyph recipes in the game. Then, I use QA's summary option to show me the ones that sell over my threshold. After that, I go to the Ink Trader and start crafting them according to QA's list.

    To store them, I have a bank alt just for glyphs, with quite a few 32-slot Inscription bags: 4 on the "normal" bag slots, and some more on the bank slots. To post the glyphs, I use QA in 2 or more seperate sessions, exchanging the bags I got with the ones in the bank between each posting session, because they're all filled with loads of glyphs.

    With this, I sometimes reach about 500 glyph auctions at the same time, depending on the price they're selling for when I'm posting.

    How long do all these steps take? 1 hour maximum, because I'm already used to the process:

    -Buy inks/herbs
    -Mill (in case I got herbs)
    -QA summary from the AH
    -Craft glyphs that sell over my threshold
    -Send them to alt
    -Post them in a few "Post" sessions with QA

  5. timejumper Says:
  6. wow, an hour seems like a pretty short time for all that, but maybe I'm slacking because I haven't had as much experience.

    I wasn't quite able to understand your process though because I'm not sure what you mean by QA. By the context, I assume it is an addon of some sort, but I haven't heard of it.
    It sounds like it helps the posting process, instead of the process I use: search glyph for price and post with auctioneer. I find that I can't rely on Auctioneer for prices since the market fluctuates so much depending on whos selling.

  7. Blackwolf Says:
  8. Oh sorry, QA stands for Quick Auctions. It's a must for any glyph seller :)

  9. Blackwolf Says:
  10. It's an addon by the way.


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