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Guess where they tested me! Ulduar 25 with half the raid as alts, how flattering (even though I kind of understand ^^). It was actually fun, we killed FL, Razor, Ignis, XT, IC, Kolo, Crazy Cat Lady and Hodir (almost had time for Thorim), and it was a lot better than on my previous guild. Significantly less deaths, a lot more DPS, and well...both Shammies were on top of the healing meters (I was second behind the best geared Resto Shaman in the guild).

The main difference that I noticed between my old guild and this one is the raiding attitude. What I mean is, they actually care about doing their utmost in the raids, and actually are willing to replace people who aren't doing their best, or are "playing around" on Alts. This pleases me. It's a guild made of people who care about the whole social atmosphere, but aren't willing to sacrifice raid quality in exchange for it.

My first impression was definitely good, but I'm aware it's the officers and guild master's impressions that count, not mine, so I will wait a few more days and see how they evaluate what I'm made of. I'm confident they shouldn't be disappointed.

Published by Blackwolf Thursday, September 24, 2009

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