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After upgrading my gear with [Leggings of the Weary Mystic] and [Nobundo's Spaulders of Conquest], as you can tell from my Armoury, I am now the 7th on gear score in my guild, and the #1 Healer. I'm really happy with this accomplishment! :D

On the last few days I've been prospecting some Titanium Ore, and got quite a few epic gems now which I haven't posted yet. I'm using them for my own gear still, and I'll cut and list them soon. I haven't had much time for auctioneering, but one thing that's been working for me is cutting gems for people in Trade. For 30-50g a gem! And damn, is it easy money. I make 200g minimum per day just with this!

Money making has been slow because I haven't been able to play for long periods, and I also make an effort to pop on the JMTC Forum and here, so it's a tight schedule. Expect a rise of money and raiding related posts in a few days or so. This short time schedule won't last much longer.

Have a nice Sunday! :)

Published by Blackwolf Sunday, August 30, 2009

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