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So Blizzcon 2009 is nearly here, and the internet is filled with speculation about the new expansion. I'm really excited about new stuff in the game, but don't expect it (and don't want it) to be released soon. Some people are already saying "OMG THIS SUCKS, I'M QUITTING!" based on rumours. Why does this kind of behaviour occur? This is a mistery to me. It has happened before the other 2 expansions were released, and keeps happening. People hate changes.

Let's look at this like this: two and half years after the Burning Crusade was released (January 2007), people are still asking for old school servers (with max level 60). Why does this happen? People like to repeat raids even more times than they do now every week? I mean, there were not many interesting things to do when we were 60 (pre-TBC). After the long time leveling our only option was doing instances. Scholomance, Stratholme, BRS...there were no dailies, no nothing! Is this 'feeling of nostalgy' empty, and would people still whine about something if they were given old school servers? I think they would.

Myself, I'm looking forward to finding out more about what Blizzard intends to implement in the game. I believe there is still a potential in WoW and it's not dead (or even dying), like many people say. I'm loving the game more than I ever did! And I think a vast population shares my opinion.

The game changes; people don't.

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Published by Blackwolf Thursday, August 20, 2009

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. There is a desire amongst those who played vanilla for old school servers for a number of reasons. First of which, must be everything was so much harder. If you had purples, you had really earnt them. Second, forty person raids are epic. 25 person raids are not. To get good gear out of UBRS, you had to run it over, and over again. Remember the bosses dropped fewer items.


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