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Bored late at night, with nothing else to do, and a friend that shares the same feeling. What a perfect environment for pointless (but amusing) events. Still worth posting. First, we dueled under Dalaran, in that open area near the Teleport thingy. Then we dueled again, but this time naked. A boxing match which I won! After a few minutes, Alliance players appeared and joined the laugh. I was surprised there was no fighting! Did a few duels, and eventually we *accidentally* attacked them, which caused...a little... fighting.

Afterwards, we decided to go to Zul'Gurub. We killed every animal boss, just to remember the old times. No raptor or tiger for us, but killing Hakkar again after a long time feels amazing! The last time I killed him was 2 weeks before the release of TBC! He is no match against two people though, as he doesn't drain a lot of health.

Then, we headed to Karazhan and hit the door with our noses when we realised that we didn't have the key. I did Karazhan back on my Thunderhorn Alliance days on my Warrior, so no key for me on the Shammy. My friend was also in the same situation, as he left his key-carrying toon on another server. I (as an Orc) was able to get through that hole to the side of the entrance, but my Tauren friend has extra difficulties in fitting there, so we actually ended up killing him and making him ressurect between the gate and the instance portal, which worked, so we both got inside and killed a few bosses there. No horse, though. But damn, I still had lots of fun with an old instance. Always loved that place! And I noticed for the first time that there's an organist in there next to the Opera Event. Now I know where the music comes from!

Now, let's talk about the money! These runs actually let me acquire close to 500 gold because apparently some people find the Primal Tiger Leather and the ZG Coins/Bijous VERY valuable. That money plus the money from vendoring ZG epics that we didn't want for amusement purposes allowed me to make gold out of a night of boredom. Quite interesting how you can really make lots of gold so easily, huh?

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Published by Blackwolf Friday, September 10, 2010

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