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Good ol' Moroes is right. Preparations must be made...for Cataclysm. That's right, I am late once again, and I've only recently started to prepare my bags for Cataclysm. But insane profits are on my wishlist for this year's early Christmas (November 2, so I've heard), so take a look at my current arrangements.

Saronite Ore (and others)
Been investing a lot in hundreds of stacks of Saronite and a few dozens of stacks of the rest of the ores. I'm currently sitting on nearly 200 stacks of Saronite and raising every day. Not so sure how I will handle them all at the expansion launch, but I'll find a way! I heard these things will get a surge of demand because of all the new Alchemists and Engineers (those greedy green new guys in the Horde) that will show up, so I didn't think twice and started stockpiling right away.
Current investment: Close to 3,000 gold.

Inscription Goods
Inscription has been one of the best sources of income for me and even though it's still not certain how it will work in Cataclysm, I think it surely won't die. Therefore, I've been getting the cheapest herbs, and started building my Cata-labeled stocks of glyphs for all classes, vellums, inks, runescrolls, nearly everything that this Profession can provide! I'm still working on what to do with the leftover inks I will have after all this, as I haven't read a lot about them yet, but hopefully they won't become useless (pretty please, Blizzard?). In summary, I'm expecting a deja-vu of 3.2 all over again. Are you with me?

What else are you hoarding for Cataclysm, and why are you certain that it will provide profit?

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Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 20, 2010

2 opinions

  1. Cold Says:
  2. Been stocking up on Briarthorn myself, as I could never find enough to level with off the AH and it was used in so many recipes for leveling Alchemy. Goblins will be buying it up to powerlevel alchemy.

  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. I hadn't considered mats from such a low level because I thought there was abundance. Apparently not, thanks for the tip!


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