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 After a few days of endless AH investigations, I have found that many markets are based on dull principles (at least in my point of view). Lots of them have pseudo-barons that flood like maniacs and usually buy the items from whoever posts in their domain so they can be the only ones selling. Maybe they're not so pseudo in the end, because they should actually make gold from such a technique, but guess what I've been having fun with!

The gem markets (both Rare and Epic ones), the Metals market (both Ores and Bars), even some aspects the Inscription Markets! I had a lot of fun posting stuff way over the cheapest price, and they all sold. They would either sell because Mr. Baron bought them, or because the cheapest ones sold and Mr. Baron wasn't paying attention, so mine sold afterwards. Either way I had 100% guaranteed sales at excellent prices, especially from 9 PM to 3 AM (it seems this is the absolute peak on my server every night). I guess I could call myself the King of the Night.

 I really shine at the AH at night!

Remember to always search for the flaws in your server's markets!

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Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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