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First week is over, and the results were satisfying considering I didn't play for a lot of time.

I was able to buy a flying mount (and the flying skill), which costed around 300 gold, I believe. This will ease questing a lot, and that means faster questing, thus faster leveling and gold gathering. I didn't buy the mount right away when I reached 300g because I didn't want to be too poor after buying it. I gathered around 150g extra so I could have backup money after this gold sink.

I have been questing a lot, and on this first week, and got this nice achievement:

Hellfire is complete, and I have now moved to Zangarmarsh, at level 63. I'm not expecting to complete the Mysteries of the Marsh achievement though, because I always seem to miss some quests and therefore I'm not able to do it.

I hope to reach 70 soon anyway, and I want to reach it fast, so I obviously won't complete all the 'complete X quests in (Zone) '. The faster the better; if I'm able to get achievements meanwhile, it's good...if I don't get achievements, I won't cry over it.

Published by Blackwolf Monday, March 1, 2010

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