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And off I went to a new server. RL doesn't allow me to raid as much anymore, and therefore the AH must be my main source of fun. A few friends migrated to Karazhan EU, and that's where I 'moved' too!

Now, I'm an Orc Death Knight (I also got a BE Paladin there, but it's only level 32) and as you may think, I'm starting from the bottom. No gold, no professions, nothing. How far will I able to play on some markets? Perhaps it's too early to think about that. Maybe I should level some professions first...but I won't be able to powerlevel them because I have no money. And I haven't even opened an AH window yet!

What does this mean? I will post about this new journey from now on, and perhaps 2G will be changed graphically too (that Orc over there is tired of being in the same place for a long time).

So, I have abandoned my previous characters (the Warrior, the Shaman...) for now, and started something new on a new server. Stay tuned if you're curious about my new journey, and give your feedback about specific things you'd like to read about!

Published by Blackwolf Monday, February 22, 2010

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