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For those who were wondering why the Shaman T10 took so long to make:

Dear Shamans,
First, let me start by apologizing for your Tier10 Preview's delay. We honestly forgot that the Shaman class existed until we were looking over our complete Preview Page here, and asked the Website designers why there was still a blank button.

Our bad.

However, because the Shaman community deserves a quick response, we have spent the last twelve minutes sketching up your armor set. I believe you will be as pleased as we are.

 PS: The squirrel with the mohawk needs to be fed hourly, or he will die. There is a quest to capture a new squirrel, take him to the Barbershop, and finally track down a Legendary Blacksmith who will undergo the dangerous and expensive procedure to replace your dead squirrel with a live one. Repercussions for not replacing your dead squirrel are still being worked out. Expect the worst.

There's also some sort of an election going on in Icecrown. (Erm, spoiler alert?)

Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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