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My gear is significantly better since my last update. I finally got a new mace, a new ring, and a new totem.


My performances have been rising in quality also. A few days ago, I've even reached 5,000 HPS on ToC 25 Heroic (a very good achievement for me). With all these upgrades, I'm also able to reach 3,000 Spell Power when I'm fully buffed and flasked. Things are working good for me, and I'm starting to enjoy playing again, now that I've got more time.

My guild's progress has improved also. We've finally killed Yogg-Saron on 25 man, and we're clearing every Normal Mode currently available in the game every Wednesday and Thursday, which allows us to go for Hard Modes on Mondays (our 3rd raid day).

That's it for the raiding updates. Now, onto even more shiny things: gold coins. The glyph market on the Horde is definitely worth it, just like on the Alliance. The glyphs have usually higher prices than they did on the Alliance, and they actually sell very often. The competition isn't very strong also, so I'm lucky once again!

Here's a partial example of a few hours after my posting session:

 The total income was 543g.

(Oh, the accent!)

Yes, some glyphs sell for over 30-40g, and those are not even fallback prices! I'm digging deeper and deeper onto the glyph market every day, and my total glyph posting should reach 500 soon like they did on the Alliance. I still haven't got rid of the laziness and haven't really tried to even go mill "a few" herbs now that I'm over 50k gold. I've lost some of my momentum, but my regular income from glyphs is usually around 500g per posting session (only 200ish glyphs), which covers my raiding costs easily. Maybe I'll get going for 100k if I get the motivation for it soon. Until then, sorry, but don't expect those nice profits over 2k.

That is all for now! Things are definitely looking good.

Published by Blackwolf Monday, October 19, 2009

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  1. André Costa Says:
  2. Want to buy: Your Server



  3. Magz Says:
  4. Nice progress though mate. It's the same on my server in EU - relatively Low horde pop but good for the monies. About 1.5k on average here which I cannot complain about although the milling and the making does take it's time. Thankfully the gem market is fine so that where the real money is. Must make a post on my own blog pontificating on the fact that flask making is a pain in the ass and why I'm rolling transmute spec.

    Nice work though - keep on trucking as I'm sure the Bandit said once.


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