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My gear is now better. I have managed to craft [Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate], and I also won [Bracers of the Cloudy Omen]. The breastplate is now enchanted with +10 Stats, and gemmed with Reckless Ametrine (+12 SP/+10 Haste), Quick Dragon's Eye (+34 Haste), and Forceful Eye of Zul (+10 Haste/+15 Stamina). The bracers are enchanted with +30 SP of course.

However, my gear still feels strange. Both my trinkets are iLevel 200 (Heroic instance quality), because I can't find better ones to drop. But despite of their iLevel, they're amazing (one has a chance of +500 mana on spellcast, and the other has a chance of +500 haste), and that's why I haven't really bothered with getting anything better, although I'm hoping for some trinket love in ToC.

Another issue is the quality of my rings. They're both from Naxxramas 25 (iLevel 213). And I'm never lucky enough to be able to acquire better rings (don't say "Use Emblems of Triumph", because I'm saving them for T9 Leggings, the ones which cost 75 Emblems + Trophy of the Crusade).

Luck hasn't been with me when there are trinkets or rings in the loot list of a boss, and that's what's making me fall behind on gear score (note that I don't fall behind on the skill meter). I won't say the RNG hates me, because I've been getting nice upgrades on the past few weeks, but hey, better trinkets/rings would be nice too!

Published by Blackwolf Friday, October 2, 2009

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