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When I say I'm greedy, I don't mean obsessively greedy. I mean that I find it hard to spend money on stuff that is either only visual (mounts, for instance), or will eventually get replaced in short term. What I am obsessed about, so to speak, is being the best (I have already mentioned it before).

So, am I really too greedy? Sometimes, yes. I didn't sell a lot of my stockpiled Titanium for 3.2, because I wanted gems for myself, and still got a lot of money out of the bulk I sold. Of course I would have made a lot of more if I had sold all stacks, but I didn't want to. I resisted being momentarily greedy, and actually thought about the near future. I didn't want to be sorry for not having proper gem recipes. I rather make less money from auctions, and do more effective healing in raids. If I had sold all my Titanium, I would still have to buy stuff from the AH to improve myself, so glad I didn't do it.

I look at it like this: being greedy is good sometimes, because you'll probably never be a successful business person if you aren't, but not resisting some of those sudden desires of quick money is not rational. Always trying to predict what will happen in the long run is a good thing, and gaining something today which you will spend tomorrow, is definitely what I called being obsessively greedy, or let's say it, "being too greedy". After all, you'll just end up the same way, but will waste more time.

So, to be or not to be (too) greedy?
"Be greedy, but don't let greediness control you" is my answer.

Published by Blackwolf Monday, September 7, 2009

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