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First of all, I know the post title is very original, please you don't have to compliment me for it.

Saturday (pronounced /ˈsætərdeɪ/ in the US or /ˈsætədɪ/  ( listen) in England ) is the day of the week between Friday and Sunday. Saturday is considered either the sixth or seventh day of the week.
from Wikipedia
After this piece of very important (and not useless nor obvious) information, I am introducing a new topic to the blog. It's called "On the opposite side". I'll explain. I am considering a faction change (haven't made a final decision yet, but maybe Verde is becoming an orc!), and maybe I can take advantage of the differences. I will make a few posts regarding this. I will compare the prices on both sides, and bring the right items with me in the transfer.

Have you tried a faction change yet? Did you take advantage of it to make gold? Share your thoughts too! :)

Published by Blackwolf Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 opinions

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. i faction changed and took a ton of rugged leather with me because it sold for about 20g more on the Alli side

  3. Carbon Says:
  4. I've thought about it but I have to many friends on my server I don't want to leave behind.

    Just waitin for them to piss me off lol :P

  5. Sarainy Says:
  6. I've yet to change faction - but I did recently change server. Some of the price differences are crazy, as the new server is low-medium population compared to the old which was full.

    Rugged leather for example is over 150% more expensive!

    I've yet to transfer my character across (No EU faction transfer yet...) but hopefully should make some money through it :)

  7. Blackwolf Says:
  8. @Sarainy

    What are you talking about? Faction Change has been available in EU since Wednesday! I play in EU too :P

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. made a faction change and also a server transfer. bought arctic fur on my old server for 55g a piece and i´m selling on my new server for 160g atm :) to bad i only got 3 stacks with me :(


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