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This post follows yesterday's post regarding my sales. The auctions I posted are now over; many sold, many expired without a single bid...

After some undercutting and cancelling-reposting, here are the results:

104 auctions sold total.

First batch of 50:

Second batch of 50:
And the last 4:
It was a great day for a salesman who's just come back to his game at the AH. 2,570 gold per day means 17,990g a week! Nice, a mammoth a week! Nah, I'm too greedy to buy a mammoth for now. Perhaps when I reach the gold cap.
What do you think of this day of sales? Good? Could be higher...? Of course it could. Next sales report: maybe next week! And here's a little something from what I'm cooking:

Yep, over 430 items - Glyphs and gems! 
(and 430 is not the highest number yet!)

Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 opinions

  1. Belsebub Says:
  2. That's a lot of gold you got there. Brb, I'm rolling a rogue

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. 2500g in just 104 auctions is amazing. Your averaging almost 25g a glyph.
    What is the competition like on your server? On mine the best that I can do is average 7-8g a glyph

  5. Blackwolf Says:
  6. I can say my competition isn't really an issue. I guess I'm lucky :)

  7. Geforce Says:
  8. he is selling gems aswell so I wouldn't actually say 25g per glyph :) I want to jump into gems sometime but I think its best to wait for cataclysm cause i'm abit far behind on getting all patterns atm(or would it be manageable?)
    I also have one main Gem poster on my server who seems to be online 24/7 (been spying on him for +/- 4 weeks now)

  9. Blackwolf Says:
  10. Since Cataclysm seems to be a year away, I'd say you should at least get a few patterns and sell them gems. Even if not epic, blue ones still net quite some profit.
    If you post them by the time raids end you have higher chances of selling; try that :)

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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