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I have to admit I haven't paid much attention to Brewfest this year, but from what I've seen already, it's basically the same quests! The only interesting feature they present is the boss in BRD who drops mounts and now apparently he drops a BoE epic too. I know World Events are supposed to be funny for everyone, but they could at least implement new stuff instead of the already known "drunk all day" behaviour and the Dark Iron Attacks (I'm actually surprised they didn't bug this year!).

They could implement something more related to the lore itself, and combine it with the World Events. Say you could actually have visions of Arthas' story (similar to an already existing quest), or other characters. Interacting in that story would be nice too. I don't find it funny to do the same quests every year with little to zero new things, and I've seen more people complaining too.

I mean, we're nearly 1 year into WotLK and all they introduced was a Pirate's Day achievement where you just have to talk to an NPC, and a Day of the Dead (or whatever it's called)? Come on, we all know it's not just about raiding anymore. If they want to make these events appealing, they can't just change the name of some of the quests.

Published by Blackwolf Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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