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I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week, when Too Greedy's daily visits doubled, and the number of subscribers rose a lot (it's now over 100). I'm glad more people are enjoying the blog. Even though I'm not having a lot of feedback, the few people who messaged me had good things to say. Keep spreading the word!

This week was also filled with upgrades to Too Greedy, which included a new graphic layout, and other few changes in the organisation of stuff. What do you think of them, has it changed for better or for worse? Got any suggestion?

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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Published by Blackwolf Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 opinions

  1. As a new reader myself I have not had the opportunity to see the site in its pre-change state, yet I very much like how it is now.

    The theme is an excellent mix of colours and has nice simple typography.

    Staying subscribed!

  2. Jederus Says:
  3. I like the new layout. Very clean and organized. Keep up the good work.


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