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I'm now officially an orc, which means that the Auction House in Orgrimmar in my new home.

My new guild is Left Hand Path (Thunderhorn EU), and I will be raiding better content now , like full Ulduar 25, ToC 10/25, and that includes Heroic Modes.

Bear with me on this journey which is about to start. I will start making money on a new faction, so it's a new challenge. I hope these markets are as juicy as the ones on the Alliance :)

You may be wondering if I brought items with me for selling on the Horde. Well, only some cats from the Cat Lady near SW, and Moths from Exodar. The rest will be up to my JC and Inscription. Might have not been very wise choices, but hey, I don't need more stuff to make money.

Blog wise, from now on, it will all be written from a Horde point of view.

And last but not least, there will be a new logo with a new face on it (with more green ^^).

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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  1. Jederus Says:
  2. Good luck! Curious to read about the subtle, and not so subtle, differences you see between the factions prices and AH trends.

  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. Will do soon. Still "studying" :)

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Aw, what a shame. The glyph market will be boring now. :( Oh well, good luck! Even I have heard Left Hand Path is pretty notorious. :)


  7. Sarainy Says:
  8. Good luck with the transfer!

  9. Blackwolf Says:
  10. Take it as an opportunity Necta ;)

  11. Lavache Says:
  12. For the Horde!


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