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Today's results from selling gems and glyphs, and also a couple of stacks of Titanium Ore, but they were posted accidentally (lol):

Whoever is still reluctant to believe these 2 professions are profittable, the proof you're wrong is right before your eyes. And this was low profitting, because I only posted a few gems and glyphs!
Inscription isn't hard to level up and you get your money back as you do it (I made a guide for scribes a few days ago). JC is quite expensive to level up, but after you get there, it's an endless source of money. There are people re-glyphing and re-gemming every day, it's crazy.
If you're not sure if you should level these professions, I hope you get the motivation you need to do it with these screenshots ;)
Should I have sold all my Titanium Ores long ago? Perhaps, but I was too greedy...

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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