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And another week went by. There were a lot of changes because of my faction change, a new patch, a new guild, new raiding experiences...it's been "a hell of a ride". Thinking about these changes made me become even more confident for writing here, and a lot of content is now scheduled on Too Greedy.

Blog wise, whoever would like to make a link exchange, just mail me (check the Contact tab above), and we'll arrange something if your website is similar to mine. Too Greedy's been getting an average of 200 daily visits and 300+ page views, so perhaps it's a nice chance to get even bigger.

I also (still) appreciate user feedback very much, so don't hesitate to mail me any of your opinions and/or ideas!

Have a nice weekend.

Published by Blackwolf Saturday, September 26, 2009

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  1. Sarainy Says:
  2. I'm glad to hear your faction transfer has spurred you on, both in game and especially on this blog.

    As far as content goes, it's top notch. Being subscribed to about 150 or so blogs, about 20 of which are wow related, it's always a pleasure to see new posts from you.

    My only comment would be that your blog suffers the same fate as many others - there is a whole host of great content, which is now hidden from view due to being not on the front page.

    Overall the design is great. I'm a big fan of dark on light colour schemes, as it enables me to read them on the blog just fine, whereas light on dark schemes are difficult for me personally to read. This forces me to read them exclusively in Google Reader, which lacks the true experience of being able to enjoy someone's site along with the content.

    Your theme also has a very clean and refreshing look, due to the blue and orange complimenting each other well. It's probably one of the better, or best, laid out and coloured Blogger themes out there at the moment for me personally.

    My only 'gripe' if you can call it that is that your Blog Archive takes up a lot of space in the sidebar, pushing down more 'current' things, especially the Recent Comments. This contradicts my point about good quality content being hidden, yet it is the comments and community around which blogs are built. Off the top of my head this could be sorted either by make them Blog Archive smaller, such as changing it to a drop down list or similar, or by switching the positions of the Archive and the Recent Comments widgets. That's if you feel it is an issue at all.

    In closing, what you are doing already is perfect - keep doing what you are doing already, and building up on that, and you can't go wrong :)

  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. Thank you for your detailed comment, you really made me think about some stuff that's going on.

    Actually, I had already thought about the Archive issue, and thought I had fixed it, but apparently it starts showing every post from the current month again if I reload the page. If you click the arrow next to "September", all posts from that month will not show anymore. My goal was to have the Recent Comments tab as close to the top as possible, and since my Archive only shows months to me (because I clicked the arrows), I thought I had a good configuration.

    But now that you mentioned it, I played with it a little more, and perhaps I found a better way to show the Archive. (How does it look now?)

    And thanks to your comment (you did bring a very good point when it comes to letting old posts die, and they are still valuable), I'm actually introducing a new tab at the top (next to "About" and "Contact) which links to the "best" posts, according to the readers' opinions. For this, I will put a poll up. Hope many people want to be part of the ones who choose the "Too Greedy's Most Valuable Posts" :)

  5. Sarainy Says:
  6. The archive seems 'fixed' in my opinion, it is far more condensed and allows the Recent Comments to be much more easily seen and accessed.

    As for the poll on "Best" posts, that seems a really good idea! Do you use any kind of Analytics tool? If so you could at least initialy put it with the most popular posts from the data you have available.

  7. Blackwolf Says:
  8. I do use Google Analytics, yes. I'll browse around and check for the "Most Popular" posts then :)

    Expect a poll soon, also!


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