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Quick tip! Because of all the Titanium farming going around after 3.2, people also farm Saronite obviously, and Saronite (along with Eternal Earths, Shadow...) is dumped at the AH in large quantities, meaning very low prices (yes, even lower than vendor sometimes!). You may want to combine your professions to multiply the profit you can make.

If you have a miner, any stack of Saronite Ore under 12.5 gold is profit, because 10 bars (20 ores) sell for 12,5 gold. I've seen quite a few farmers lately on trade "WTS Saronite Ore 10g a stack!", that's a great opportunity.

In addition to this, if you have a crafting profession that uses Saronite Bars (like Blacksmithing), you can craft even more valuable items. (Eternal Belt Buckles are my favourite choice, specially on raid nights)

If you have a JC, you can craft green rings (mats are a couple of Crystallized and some green gems). Disenchanting those is an amazing source of income; you'll get about double of your money back. (Note: You should always check the prices on your server beforehand!)

It's a chain! You just have to look through your professions and see how you can connect them for more profit.

By the way, the blog logo will be changed soon, because I'm now 1 day away from getting my brand new [Nobundo's Shoulderguards of Conquest]! :D

Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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