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I found this topic on the EU Official Discussion forums (http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=10543458711&sid=1) and it sounds like a very good idea to me. The poster happened to quote someone from the US forums.

"I was so pumped out about this idea and those that followed by others in that thread that I had to share it with the EU community.

Link to original post: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=19377462227&sid=1

The actual post:

Please do this, Blizzard. I want Deathwing to patrol the skies of Azeroth, occasionally swooping down to attack towns. This is a newer, bolder, more dangerous Azeroth from the looks of things. We need Deathwing to keep the fear of him in us. We need him to not pull an Arthas and constantly retreat saying "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, GADGET! NEXT TIIIIME!"

Please have him actually attack our towns regularly. Or not even that. I would be happy just seeing him flying around. It would be awesome to be questing somewhere, the sky darkens, and you look up to see Deathwing soaring above you.
Edit: While Deathwing is insidious, and has definitely plotted and manipulated in the past, it's clear now that the time for that is past him. He's made his move, and he is showing himself to be a force of nature. The story introducing him for this expansion describes him as erupting from Deepholme with a primal rage.

Behaving like the Lich King has simply would not fit him at this point in time. He is a hurricane of fire and death, and his destruction of Azeroth is not complete.

Please retain this force of nature feel to him throughout the expansion.
2nd Edit: Someone later in the topic mentions that this might make it look like Deathwing really has nothing better to do than roam around menacing. No real plans to make, in other words. I think that's a good point!

But I think we could have both. The key is to not make this occurance TOO common. I think it's important that Deathwing make his presence known, but it's also important that in doing this his presence isn't trivialized. Every hour would be way too often, I think. I'd say not even every day."

How amazing would it be to have Deathwing flying around in Azeroth, making you aware of his presence? I totally agree that the Lich King was kind of weak, because we get to lay him down a few times, and that shouldn't happen if he is so powerful as he should be. At least, he should be quite an opponent on 3.3 :)

What about you, what would you like to see updated in Azeroth? Would you like new features like this one?

My suggestion...more legendary weapons, instead of only 1 per patch. They implemented Val'anyr (*drool*) on 3.1, now they say they will implement a new legendary weapon (Shadowmourne) for Hunters and DKs anyone who can use 2H axes (even though "The stat allocation may not benefit hunters or shamans as much as warriors, DKs or paladins. ") on 3.3, and a caster one on Cataclysm. Why not implement more than 1 weapon at the same time, but making them way harder to obtain? That way, every class would be able to get a legendary. And I mean they should be HARD to get, very hard. The kind of hard that makes you think it's impossible, the kind of hard that shows why it's called a Legendary.

Published by Blackwolf Saturday, August 29, 2009

4 opinions

  1. Geforce Says:
  2. The kind of hard as how it was in vanilla WoW was perfect Imo :)

  3. Blackwolf Says:
  4. I wish I could've tried C'Thun, some people say it was nearly impossible to kill him :o

  5. Blackwolf Says:
  6. *That kind of hard, you mean? :)

  7. Geforce Says:
  8. No not the C'thun pre hotfix, Nihilum (being the best guild back then (Ensidia now) Could only take him to phase 2 Iirc, then blizz decided to hotfix the encounter and then he got killed :p

    but I meant the Quest lines for forging hand of Raggy or Thunderaan the windseeker ;) requiring a full raid (25 man these days then) to get down the "bosses" for the Q item


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