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Cataclysm sounds amazing. There isn't any feature that I don't like, even though I'm a bit reluctant about the stat changes (removing a lot of stats and merging them with others). How will this affect itemization? Will it turn gearing into an easy task, with just a few stats pre-determined for each class/role? We'll have to wait and see, but these stat changes will cause great disturbances in Jewelcrafting - reducing the number of gem cuts drastically-, won't they?

Archaeology seems a great feature. Only time will tell what mats it will use. If it's something BoE, I'll start stockpiling right now (even though the expansion should be over a year away).

Guild Leveling seems like an awesome idea too. Finally they implement something that rewards team work in an effective way, with stuff like mass resurrection and lower repairs. It's really something I'm looking forward to.

New races, the Goblins and the Worgens. I'm thrilled to know that the Alliance are finally getting a furry race, and that people will be able to have Goblin bank alts. My Worgen will be a Warlock; what about yours? :)

Now, I thought I should update the current blog situation, so:

Why no raiding related posts yet?
I haven't mentioned raiding in any posts yet because I'm currently not able to raid due to technical problems. I will start posting about raids hopefully in a couple of weeks (can't give a specific date, for obvious reasons).

Planning on posting topics other than money and your thoughts?
Yes. Oara made a nice suggestion, at the JMTC Forums, on the topic where I advertised my blog, and I'm definitely considering something like that. In the future, more topics should be added too.

How's the blog attendance so far?
It's looking good considering the blog is only a few days old. The numbers are:

Not bad, an average of 48 visits a day :)

To all the readers, hope you're enjoying the content on Too Greedy so far. I'm probably going to change the layout of the page soon, when I find the inspiration to do it. Don't hesitate to comment the posts with anything you find worth it, either to add something to the post itself, or just to share your own experiences!

Published by Blackwolf Monday, August 24, 2009

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  1. Geforce Says:
  2. My worgen will definitly be a rogue :)

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Goblin Rogue > Worgen rogue . . . Cant catch me with the rocket boots!!



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